Preparing Off-Campus Study Courses

Off-campus study policies and courses are reviewed by the Curriculum Committee.

Off-campus interim instructors and field supervisors must fill out a new course proposal form for their courses.

Guidelines for off-campus interim proposals – from the IOS Manual.

Guidelines for Field Supervisor applications – from the IOS Manual.

Possible Questions to Consider for Field Supervisor/Assistant Field Supervisor Interview.


Off-Campus Curricular Forms

a. Off-Campus Interims
Budget Form for All Interim Proposals
Guidelines for Final Narrative Reports

b1. New Proposals: fill out new course proposal and complete the following:
Off-Campus Supplement for Interim Courses
Checklist for Off-Campus Interim Proposals

b2. Repeated Interims: provide the information requested in the following document:
Guidelines for Letter of Intent to Offer a Previously Approved Off-Campus Interim
Checklist for Off-Campus Interim Proposals

Additional Off-Campus Study Forms

Incident Report Document

Applying to Lead a Term Program (Global, Mediterranean, Asia, Australia)

Guidelines for Field Supervisor Application
Field Supervisor Cover Page