St. Olaf’s Own Semester Programs

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Mediterranean Semester: Cultural Crossroads in Transition

First semester program   (a new modification of Term in the Middle East)

►Study Turkish and Arab societies and learn the basics of their languages.
►Experience urban life in Istanbul plus the rural Asian part of Turkey.
►Live with a family for three weeks in Fez, Morocco.
►Study the interaction of cultures and religions in Jerusalem (pending)
►Learn about various formulations of Islam.

Program Adviser: Dave Van Wylen  (Regents HS 216  x3979)
2014 Field Supervisors: Bob McClure (Tomson 290F x 3245 and Ruthie Neuger (Tostrud 162, x3975)

►Political Science: Political Institutions of the Middle East  (GE: HBS, MCG)
►Sociology: Social Change in Moroccan Society   (GE: HBS).
►History:  Course in Jerusalem and Israel/Palestine region  (details still pending   probable GE credit: HWC)
►Field Supervisor’s Course 2014:   Human Geography of the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa (GE: WRI, HBS, MCG)

Letter grades for the three courses taught by on-site professors are recorded on the student’s transcript but not computed in the grade point average. For the course taught by the accompanying field supervisor, students have the option of taking the course either graded or S/U. If taken graded, the course is figured into the GPA; if taken S/U, no course credit is given where the grade earned is below C-.


Term in Asia

First Semester Program

►Compare various features of three Asian cultures
►Explore several regions of China and study environmental issues
►Immerse yourself for 6 weeks in Thai culture at Chiang Mai University
►Live with a local family while in Thailand
►Study Public Health in Vietnam

Campus Program Adviser: John Barbour (Old Main 230 D  x 3083)
2014 Field Supervisors:  Justin Merrit (CHM 234 x3189) and Faye Merritt

►Asian Studies : Environmental Issues in China
►Sociology: Thai Society   (GE: HBS)
►ID 260: Public Health in Vietnam   (GE: MCG)
►Field Supervisor’s Course 2014: The Arts in East Asian Buddhism (GE: ALS-A, ORC)

Term in Asia video made by past participants.

PowerPoint Intro to Term in Asia


Global Semester

First Semester and Interim program

Circumnavigate the globe encountering cultural diversity.
Compare societies in Europe, the Mideast and Asia.
Study a wide range of topics: humanities, arts and social science.
Visit ancient monuments, natural wonders and modern cities.
Experience the Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China.

Campus Program Adviser: Richard Allen (Regents Hall Math 404  x3117)
2014-2015 Field Supervisors:  Mary Titus  (Rolvaag 526c   x3200) and Karen Cherewatuk (Rolvaag 404 x3201)

►History course in Jerusalem and region of Israel/Palestine   (details still pending   probable GE credit: HWC).
►Religion: Religions of India
►Art: The Arts of China (GE credit: ALS-A,  MCG)
►Sociology: Korean Society (GE credits: HBS, MCG)
Field Supervisor’s Course 2014: Tradition and Transformation – Global Literature in English (GE: ALS-L, ORC)


Environmental Science in Australia

Second Semester Program

Explore contemporary Australia in its major, east coast cities.
Design and execute biological studies in national parks.
Tent camp in the outback and at a rainforest.
Conduct hands-on research projects at the Great Barrier reef.
Probe historic and current aspects of Australian cultures.

Campus Program Advisers: Paul Jackson (Regents Hall NS 422  x3404)
2014 Field Supervisors: Steve Freedberg (Regents Hall NS 414 x3102) and Kelly Wolford Freedberg
The program will be offered next in the Spring of 2016

►Biology: Marine Biology
►Biology: Terrestrial Ecology  (GE: SED, ORC)
►Sociology: Cultural Anthropology  (GE: MCG)
►Political Science:  Environmental Policy (GE: HBS)

More information about the program is available on the Environmental Studies webpages:

Video from 2012 Australia group


Biology in South India

►Immersion into South Indian life and culture—urban and rural
►One-on-one interaction with experts in environment, health care and public policy
► Two biological research projects combine study and service to NGOs and other agencies
►Explore unique ecosystems from scrub jungle to mountain rainforest
►Visit schools, hospitals, colleges, art venues, religious sites, markets and slums

Campus Program Adviser: Anne Walter (Regents Hall NS 378 x3961) Mike Swift (Regents Hall 420 378 x3886)
Sponsoring Department: Biology

ID: Orientation to India (GE: MSG)
2 Biology credits: Research projects    (GE: WRI) (Both count for Bio major)
One additional IS option available


Term in China

►Advance your Chinese language competence through intensive courses
►Learn about Chinese culture and Society through courses and daily living
►Live in university dormitory with non-English speaking students
►Explore Shanghai – one of China’s most dynamic cities
►Enjoy time for independent travel in China

Campus Program Adviser: Pin Wan (Tomson Hall 350, 1st Floor x3684)

Conversational Chinese
Reading Comprehension
Listening Comprehension
Chinese Culture and Society (GE: HBS)