Statistics – Off-Campus Study at St. Olaf

In the 2012-13 academic year, 255 students studied off-campus on a semester or year-long program and 589  students studied off-campus during the four week January 2013 interim or on summer programs.  Altogether, 844 students studied off-campus.

According to the IIE Open Doors Annual Report on International Educational Exchange, St. Olaf regularly ranks  #1 among baccalaureate institutions in the total number of students it sends abroad.

Of the 717 seniors who graduated in May, 2013, 73% studied on at least one off-campus program before they graduated.  68% of these were international programs and the rest were at sites elsewhere in the US.  180 students participated in 2 programs (25%) and 40 in 3 programs (5%). 3 students participated in 4 programs.

St. Olaf maintains an official list of more than 80 authorized semester or year  programs,  which students who want to study abroad chose if they wish to carry financial aid with them and earn credits for general education.  Each year, a few additional students take a leave of absence from St. Olaf to study on other programs. All long-term programs are approved by a faculty curriculum committee and are thoroughly reviewed every eight to ten years.  Careful consideration is given to academic quality, safety factors and cost.

There are 7 staff members  in the IOS Office in Tomson Hall (380)

St. Olaf is well-known for several multi-country regional study programs that have existed since the 1960s.  On these programs, students are accompanied by a faculty field supervisor:

  • Term in the Middle East  (Turkey, Morocco and Egypt)      4 months, 4 courses
  • Term in Asia (Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Vietnam)      4  months, 4 courses
  • Global Semester (Switzerland, Egypt, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea)  5 months, 5 courses
    There is an additional field supervised program that is offered every other year:
  • Environmental Science in Australia (since 1996)

Other programs run only by and for St. Olaf include Biology in South India (study-service/ field research) and Term in China(at East China Normal University in Shanghai).
St. Olaf has exchange relationships with Chiang Mai U. (Thailand), ECNU (China), Yonsei University (Korea), Boğaziçi University (Turkey), Aberdeen U (Scotland) and several universities in Norway and Germany.