Any full or part-time student, faculty/staff or their spouse is eligible to participate in the Intramural Sports Program, provided that the student is enrolled during that semester/block at St. Olaf. The number of faculty or staff allowed on an Intramural team is unlimited.

Members of Varsity/Junior Varsity Teams: Members of varsity/junior varsity intercollegiate teams at St. Olaf (defined as: anyone who was rostered for a varsity/junior varsity game during the current academic year, including seniors who have used up their eligibility in that school year) are ineligible to participate in that same or similar sport during that sport season. (Similar sports include volleyball to wallyball, baseball to softball, football to flag football, and soccer to futsal). However, when those sports are NOT in season, members of varsity or junior varsity intercollegiate teams may participate with the following restrictions:

Basketball – 1 current intercollegiate member per Intramural team

Volleyball/Wallyball – 1 current intercollegiate member per Intramural team

Soccer/Futsal – Check the sport specific rules for eligibility

Flag Football – 3 current intercollegiate members per Intramural team

All intramural teams with a varsity/junior varsity player on their roster MUST compete in the competitive league for that sport (if offered).

Professionals: Any individual who is classified as a professional athlete under AAU rules shall NOT be eligible to participate in that same or similar sport in which they competed as a professional for a period of one year after their last professional season. (Only one past professional athlete allowed per roster).

Members of Club Sports Teams: Members of club sports teams are eligible to participate in that same or similar sport provided they follow the roster rules that govern that specific sport. (This applies greatly for Ultimate Frisbee & Volleyball). A club sports member is any individual listed on the official club sports roster and practices and/or competes with that club sports team. In those Intramural sports that precede club sports seasons in the same or similar sport and club sports members from the past academic year will be subject to the two member per team restriction.

Playing on Multiple Teams: Players may participate as a member of multiple teams in the same sport season. However, a player may ONLY compete on 1 team in the playoffs. You must participate in at least 1 regular season contest with a team in order to be eligible for the playoffs with that team. No more than 50% of the number required to play can be on the same roster for another team in that sport. Ex. Only 2 players (2=40% of 5 players on the floor) on basketball team “A” can play on basketball team “B”.

Ineligibility Ruling: If you or your team members break any of the above-mentioned rules, the games/matches in which you participated in may be ruled as a forfeit.