Class of 2014 Survey: Post-Graduation Activities

You may have completed this brief survey for us before you left campus last spring. Now is your opportunity to update that information, especially if you were “still working on it” – or if your plans have evolved since then.

This short survey will help us help you. Our data will allow you and fellow Oles to explore what others are doing with their St. Olaf education. For example, browse the results from the Classes of 2011-2013 on the St. Olaf Outcomes website. In addition, you can help us help prospective and current students by telling them what exactly our alumni do when they leave The Hill.

We also post summary data from this survey on the Institutional Research website and we share the summary data in other formats with the St. Olaf community and off-campus groups. By including your name, your updated information will be shared in the password protected Alumni Online Directory, accessible only to St. Olaf alumni, current students, and employees.

If you have any questions about this survey or our use of the data, please contact the Office of Institutional Research & Evaluation (IR&E) at Thank you!

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