Institutional Reports by Outcome or Topic

Consistent with its utilization-focused approach to assessment, the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness prepares reports that integrate assessment findings from a variety of sources around specific outcomes or topics.  These thematic reports can help individual faculty members, committees, task forces, departments and programs, and other units of the College use assessment findings to inform and improve their work.

Please note:  Some reports on this page are only accessible to those with St. Olaf usernames and passwords. This is because they include assessment findings governed by restrictive inter-institutional confidentiality provisions that limit the sharing of results to internal audiences only. Other assessment projects permitting public sharing of aggregate results are available on our Institutional Results by Instrument page. Please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness if you are interested in reviewing any of these reports but are unable to access them.

Reports concerning specific learning outcomes or curriculum areas

Writing proficiencies and experiences at St. Olaf (November 2013)
WRI requirement completion and course availability (June 2014)
Critical thinking (January 2012)
Oral communication (June 2013)
Research proficiency (May 2013)
Research proficiency – supplementary information (May 2013)
Involvement in undergraduate research (August 2011)
Quantitative reasoning (June 2013)
First-Year Writing (June 2013)
Learning in the fine arts (May 2013)
Learning in the humanities (May 2013)
Learning in the natural sciences and mathematics (May 2013)
Learning in the social sciences (May 2013)
Learning in interdisciplinary programs (May 2013)

Reports supporting current projects or initiatives

Main Street Initiative assessment portfolio - Draft report (April 2014)
NSSE 2013 Civic Engagement Module –  (September 2013)
Academic advising at St. Olaf: What do we know? (August 2012)
Academic advising at St. Olaf – Complete report (August 2012)
Strategic Planning Academic Excellence Working Group Report (January 2011)