Foreign Language Waiver

Requirements for International Students

1.  High school transcripts from a foreign-language high school.

2.  Completion of at least eight grades in a foreign-language school.

3. High school transcript and/or national exam results showing successful completion  of native-language classes taken in an English-language school.

A.  Kenya:  Swahili instruction

2 years of kindergarten mixture of English and Swahili
8 years of grade school grammar and oral Swahili daily lesson
4 years of high school literature, grammar, oral Swahili seven 35-minute lessons weekly

Official transcript will give high school grades for four years.
Kenyan high school exam will give the national exam results.

B.  India–ICSE (British System):  Hindi instruction

2 years of kindergarten beginning Hindi, including script
Standards 1-4 reading and writing Hindi 45-minute lessons daily
Standards 5-12 reading and writing Hindi eight 45-minute lessons per week

High school transcript shows grades for the subject.
(In Standard 4, the student may also begin study of a local language.)

C.  India–CBSE (Indian System):  Hindi instruction
May not have Hindi instruction through high school

4. Proficiency test may be given if the student does not meet any of the above criteria.  Student must meet intermediate standards in reading, writing, and oral language skills.