Accounts and Passwords

gold-arrow3What is Account Services?

Account Services is St. Olaf’s web application for managing computing access. Here you can do the following:

  • View the expiration date for your account and for your password.
  • Change your password or resolve a forgotten password.
  • View your quota for the shared network drives and request more space.
  • Create and/or manage user-created and class mailing lists.
  • Manage shared folders and Lawson access.

gold-arrow3How do I log in to Account Services?


gold-arrow3What does the Account Services page look like?


gold-arrow3How do I choose an effective password?

An easily guessed password offers little real protection. A good password is one that is easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess or crack (even by a person or machine that is willing to devote a great deal of time).

Do not use:

  • any part of your name or the name of someone or something significant to you.
  • significant numbers such as telephone numbers, social security numbers, license plates, or birth dates.
  • words (correctly spelled) found in an English or foreign language dictionary or other widely available written works.
  • simple patterns like “qwerty” or “asdflkjh”.
  • famous people, characters, titles, landmarks, etc.
  • other items or “favorites” easily associated with you.
  • simple modifications of the above (such as prepending or appending a single character or spelling it backwards).

These guidelines may appear to eliminate too many of your “best possibilities,” but choosing a secure password is actually quite easy. In fact, an initially bad password can often be made much more secure by:

  • embedding more than one extra character.
  • incorporating digits, punctuation characters, or control characters in addition to letters.
  • intentionally misspelling a word.
  • intermixing capital and lowercase letters or using unusual capitalization (capitalizing each vowel, however, is not unusual).
  • combining two or more parts of words.
  • creating a meaningful acronym.

A good password is easy to remember, easy to type quickly, not obvious, and not easily guessed by others. A good password is like a lock–make sure yours is strong enough to protect our valuable computing resources. If you are having trouble creating a secure password, please note that the password change page can generate acceptable passwords for you.

gold-arrow3Why do I have to change my password?

Passwords must be changed regularly to ensure that St. Olaf’s systems remain secure. Unfortunately, there are malicious people on the internet who go to great lengths to acquire passwords to use for various purposes — for example, to send out spam e-mail.

Our current policy is for passwords to be changed every 180 days. While many sites do not require passwords to be changed on a regular basis, private companies often have more frequent passwords changes as a matter of policy.  Financial institutions, in particular, often have a maximum password life of 30 days.

As a reminder, do not share your password with anyone, and be wary of e-mail messages which are crafted to convince you to sign in using your username and password on non-St. Olaf sites.

gold-arrow3How do I change my Password?