Computer Repair

Computer problems can be hard to diagnose and repair. Problems often arise due to software problems verses actual hardware failure. For software problems, please review IT’s online documentation for suggestions and configuration specifications. You can also speak with the IT Helpdesk at x3830 to assist in determining whether the problem is software or hardware related.

(Note: Because of machine particularities, re-installing operating systems is beyond the support the Helpdesk provides.)

IT computer repair services are available for St. Olaf-owned equipment only. Due to liability and insurance reasons, IT cannot repair or install new hardware in personally-owned computer equipment.

St. Olaf-Owned Equipment

If you are in need of repair services, contact the Helpdesk. Please include all relevant information in your message such as your name and phone extension, the location of the equipment, and a full description of of the problem.

Personally-Owned Equipment

If you are in need of repair services in the Northfield area, please consult a phone book yellow pages (look under “Computers-Service & Repair”). There are several from which to choose. You may also want to contact your computer manufacturer, especially if the computer is still under warranty.

Things to think about:

  • Most companies have a minimum charge for looking at your equipment.
  • You should ask for an estimate before they perform further work.
  • When you send in your equipment, verify that they know who you are, have a phone number to contact you and a complete description of the problem.
  • Some equipment you want repaired often costs more to repair than to purchase new; remember this when considering whether to send it in for repairs.