Configuring Macintosh OS X for the St. Olaf Wireless Network

There are two sets of instructions for configuring Macintosh OS X for the St. Olaf wireless network:

More Information

The St. Olaf wireless network is encrypted and requires authentication before being allowed to connect. Macintosh OS X provides three options (802.1x profiles) to handle the authentication:

  • User Profile
  • Login Window Profile
  • System Profile

User Profile

A user profile is a connection to the St. Olaf network that is specific to a single user on a computer. It is most appropriate for student-owned computers which typically have only one user. To set up a user profile, follow these instructions. When you set up a user profile for one user on a computer, it is not available to other users on that computer.

Login Window Profile

A login window profile uses the credentials entered in the OS X login window to authenticate to the wireless network. All college-owned Macintosh computers should be configured with a login window profile. To set up a login profile, follow these instructions.

System Profile

At this time, St. Olaf College does not use, nor support, system profiles.

Additional Information

For additional information on the various types of 802.1x profiles in OS X, please see this Apple knowledgebase article