Department Representatives

perrin-125Perrin Bishop-Wright, (ext. 3790, pbw)

Academic Departments:
Art and Art History, Dance, Music,
Academic and Administrative Offices:
Music Organizations, TRIO Programs (ETS, PEP, Upward Bound)


Bob BreidBob Breid (ext. 3407, breid)

Academic Departments:
Computer Science



Phinehas BynumPhinehas Bynum (ext. 3840, bynum)

Academic Departments:
Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Psychology, Statistics



Myron EngleMyron Engle (ext. 3543, engle)

Academic Departments:
Education, Exercise Science, Family Studies, Nursing, Religion, Social Work, Sociology/Anthropology, Theater
Academic and Administrative Offices:
Archives, College Ministry Office, Facilities, Faculty Carrels, Faculty Emeriti, Norwegian-American Historical Association, SSS


Ben GottfriedBen Gottfried (ext. 3613, bdg)

Academic Departments:
Asian Studies, Classics, Film Studies, German, Greek, Hispanic Studies, Media Studies, Norwegian, Romance Languages, Russian Language and Area Studies,
Academic Offices: CILA, CIS, Piper Center, World Languages Center


Doug HamiltonDoug Hamilton (ext. 3857, hamilton)

Academic and Administrative Offices:
Halvorsen Music Library, Kierkegaard Library, Rolvaag Library, Science Library



Heather MalechaHeather Malecha (ext. 2863, hmalecha)

Academic and Administrative Offices:
Student Activities Office, Student Government Association



Jason MenardJason Menard (ext. 3731, jcm)

Academic Departments:
English, History, Philosophy, Political Science



jennie-125Jennie Moberg (ext. 3035, moberg)

Academic and Administrative Offices:
Academic Advising, Academic Support Center, Admissions, Advancement, Alumni and Parent Relations, Annual Fund, Bon Appetit, Bookstore, Broadcast Media/Sing For Joy, Business Office/Treasurer’s Office, Communications/Marketing, Counseling Center, Dean of Students, Dean of the College, Financial Aid, Government and Foundation Relations, Health Services, Human Resources, IRE, International and Off-Campus Studies, KSTO, Multicultural Affairs, Oslo Summer School, Parking Office, Payroll, Post Office, President’s Office, Print Center, Public Safety, Registrar, Residence Hall Directors, Res Life, Stewardship, Student Accounting, Telecommunications


tony-125Tony Skalski (ext. 3227, ajs)

Academic Departments:



mike-st-125Mike Strand (ext. 3037, strandm)

Academic and Administrative Offices:
Bookstore, Conferences and Events



Alphabetical list of Academic and Administrative Departments:


  • Academic Advising: Jennie Moberg
  • Academic Support Center: Jennie Moberg
  • Admissions: Jennie Moberg
  • Advancement: Jennie Moberg
  • Alumni and Parent Relations: Jennie Moberg
  • Annual Fund: Jennie Moberg
  • Archives: Myron Engle
  • Art and Art History: Perrin Bishop-Wright
  • Asian Studies: Ben Gottfried
  • Biology: Phinehas Bynum
  • Bon Appetit: Jennie Moberg
  • Bookstore: Jennie Moberg
  • Broadcast Media/Sing for Joy: Jennie Moberg
  • Business Office/Treasurer’s Office: Jennie Moberg


  • Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts: Ben Gottfried
  • Center for Integrative Studies: Ben Gottfried
  • Chemistry: Phinehas Bynum
  • Classics: Ben Gottfried
  • College Ministry Office: Myron Engle
  • Communications/Marketing: Jennie Moberg
  • Computer Science: Bob Breid
  • Conferences and Events: Mike Strand
  • Counseling Center: Jennie Moberg
  • Dance: Perrin Bishop-Wright
  • Dean of Students: Jennie Moberg
  • Dean of the College: Jennie Moberg


  • Economics: Phinehas Bynum
  • Education: Myron Engle
  • English: Jason Menard
  • Exercise Science: Myron Engle
  • Facilities: Myron Engle
  • Faculty Carrels: Myron Engle
  • Faculty Emeriti: Myron Engle
  • Family Studies: Myron Engle
  • Film Studies: Ben Gottfried
  • Financial Aid: Jennie Moberg


  • German: Ben Gottfried
  • Government and Foundation Relations: Jennie Moberg
  • Greek: Ben Gottfried
  • Health Services: Jennie Moberg
  • Hispanic Studies: Ben Gottfried
  • History: Jason Menard
  • Human Resources: Jennie Moberg


  • Institutional Research and Evaluation: Jennie Moberg
  • International and Off-Campus Studies: Jennie Moberg
  • KSTO: Jennie Moberg


  • Libraries (Halvorson Music, Kierkegaard, Rolvaag, Science): Doug Hamilton
  • Mathematics: Phinehas Bynum
  • Media Studies: Ben Gottfried
  • Multicultural Affairs: Jennie Moberg
  • Music: Perrin Bishop-Wright
  • Music Organizations: Perrin Bishop-Wright
  • Norwegian: Ben Gottfried
  • Norwegian American Historical Society: Myron Engle
  • Nursing: Myron Engle


  • Oslo Summer School: Jennie Moberg
  • Parking Office: Jennie Moberg
  • Payroll: Jennie Moberg
  • Philosophy: Jason Menard
  • Physics: Tony Skalski
  • Piper Center: Ben Gottfried
  • Political Science: Jason Menard
  • Post Office/Mail Room: Jennie Moberg
  • President’s Office: Jennie Moberg
  • Print Center: Jennie Moberg
  • Psychology: Phinehas Bynum
  • Public Safety: Jennie Moberg
  • Purchasing and Risk Management: Jennie Moberg


  • Registrar: Jennie Moberg
  • Religion: Myron Engle
  • Residence Hall Directors: Jennie Moberg
  • Residence Life: Jennie Moberg
  • Romance Languages: Ben Gottfried
  • Russian Languages and Area Studies: Ben Gottfried
  • Social Work: Myron Engle
  • Sociology/Anthropology: Myron Engle
  • Statistics: Phinehas Bynum
  • Stewardship: Jennie Moberg
  • Student Accounting: Jennie Moberg
  • Student Activities Office: Heather Malecha
  • Student Government: Heather Malecha
  • Student Support Services: Myron Engle


  • Telecommunications: Jennie Moberg
  • Theater: Myron Engle
  • TRIO Programs: Perrin Bishop-Wright
  • World Language Center: Ben Gottfried