Media Lab offers a variety of ways to create and edit audio tracks for different projects. We have equipment that can be checked out to record interviews, sounds, and music. The media lab also have sound proof rooms to use for recording. Student workers can be hired to add sound tracks or sync audio to video clips, edit sound in software, or set up podcasts for class lectures and projects.


Audacity: Free to download for Windows or Mac, Audacity is a simple multi-track audio editor and recorder. This program allows you to record live audio, cut and mix sounds, add effects to sounds such as changing speed or pitch of recordings, and export as a variety of filetypes.


Adobe Audition is another sound editing software for Mac and Windows allowing you to mix and edit sound files.  Its features include a sound remover, enhanced multitrack editing, loudness metering, and enhanced sound design tools.


PluralEyes, now available for Mac and Windows systems, is a software capable of automatically syncing audio and multi-camera video in a matter of seconds. You can monitor this syncing with an interactive timeline and fine-tuning controls.  This application can work directly with Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Media Composer and Vegas Pro, or will easily export media files to be used with other programs.