Video Production

The Media Lab is equipped with hardware and software to meet a variety of video production and post-production needs. Once students complete the Video 101 workshop (offered periodically in IT), they will be able to reserve and checkout our collection of professional/prosumer video production gear  (see the equipment page for more info).

Production Services

Because our staff is small and our resources limited, we are not able to guarantee productions services for the campus. However, if you have an academic need for video recording and post-production, contact the Media Lab to discuss this.  We may be able to produce short video projects, given our availability, OR train students, staff or faculty in the use of our production equipment and allow them to check it out to produce the video themselves.

Faculty who know they’ll want video production for a class could assign a few students from the course to learn how to use the video gear in the Media Lab early in the semester and then check it out as needed.

Screencasts for Blended Learning

Faculty and Staff looking to produce video tutorials or presentations from computer-based content may wish to create screencasts (recordings of your computer screen activity, often with voice recording), in the nature of Kahn Academy or In the Media Lab, we have Screenflow and Camtasia software for this purpose, along with an audio recording studio specifically geared towards voice-over recording. QuickTime on the Mac platform is another widely available screen recording software which we can provide assistance with. Email the Media Lab to set up a consultation or book the audio room for screencasting.



iMovie is video editing software made for Mac and iOS. This easy-to-use program is accessible for the beginner, yet increasingly capable of handling more advanced editing projects.  Learn more at here.


Final Cut Pro X is Apple’s step up from iMovie – a more robust video editing application.  FCPX is able to open iMovie projects, making it easy to start in iMovie and graduate to FCPX.  The similar interfaces aid in a relatively smooth transition.  Those frustrated with limitations of iMovie will appreciate FCPX’s flexibility.  We currently have FCPX on the 13 computers in the Rolvaag Library’s computer lab (3rd Floor), and on many of the Media Lab computers.  Learn more about FCPX at here.


Lightworks is a professional non-linear video editor for Windows with advanced yet user-friendly tools.  Features include a multi-channel audio mixer, simple playback controls, multilayered timelines, and pre-made templates for many effects.lightworks