Using the Collection

Visitors to the Library have direct access to books for titles published after 1855. All titles are non-circulating and are used only in the Library. Special permission must be obtained for use of titles published prior to 1856.

Private photocopies of limited numbers of pages from books in the collection are permitted in most cases upon request to the staff. Copies from books published prior to 1856 or books in fragile condition are copied at the discretion of the staff.

Books in the collection are not lent on inter-library loan.

Access to the Collection

Access to the collection is through an online catalog which is connected to, but also independent of, Bridge, the catalog for St. Olaf College and Carleton College libraries. All catalogued titles held by the Kierkegaard Library are also part of the OCLC international bibliographic database. Patrons may select from the pull down menu “Kierkegaard Library.” The search will result in Kierkegaad Library holdings only.

Specialized classification and subject headings have been used when appropriate in certain parts of the collection.

Access to periodical articles and newspaper articles is available on Bridge for articles added after 1998. Card files with author/title and some subjects provide access for all other periodical and newspaper articles. (The Archives does not yet have electronic or card indexes available to its contents. Consult with Eileen Shimota concerning content and access. )

Resources Beyond the Library

The Kierkegaard Library obtains materials which are not in its collections through cooperation with Minitex, the interlibrary network for the state of Minnesota.

Access to indexes are available through the St. Olaf libraries. Electronic journal databases (such as JSTOR) are available to patrons of the Kierkegaard Library with some materials available in full-text. A helpful reference is the Web Sites for Philosophy that is maintained by the St. Olaf Libraries.

The Kierkegaard Library also maintains a site of links for Danish resources and related sites.