Young Scholars Program

Course Description

This program is designed for college seniors or recently graduated college students who will soon enter graduate school.Participants will meet with Prof. Gordon Marino on a daily basis, usually during the month of July. In-depth study of a chosen Kierkegaard text or other topic will be the focus as well as Professor Marino’s mentorship for the scholar’s own research and study. Housing is provided on campus.

The Young Scholars Program will be taking place in July 2016 from July 7 – July 30, provided that a core of students express interest and apply by March 15. The Danish Kierkegaard Course may be taken at the same time as the Young Scholars Program for those interested.

How to apply:

For full consideration,  send electronic copies of the following to Eileen Shimota as soon as your area of interest is established and not later than March 15 for the following summer. Sometimes later applications can be accepted for this program depending on interest.

  1. A resume.
  2. A research proposal.
  3. Two letters of recommendation, preferably directly from the recommenders



  • Kenneth Wessell, University of New Mexico ‘14
  • Kevin Wessell, University of New Mexico ‘14
  • Bjørn Kristensen, Northern Michigan University ’14
  • Christopher Hellmann, Grinnell ’16
  • Brendan Rome, Macalester ’15
  • Michael Hall, Hiram ’15
  • Michael Mullaney, Wheaton College (Il) ’16
  • Samantha Casillis, St. Mary’s University of Minnesota ‘14
  • Oliver Norman, Lycee Guy Lussac, Limoges, France
  • Matthew Strebe, University of California- Santa Cruz, ’14
  • Paul Choix, Boston College, ’16
  • Amanda Evans, University of Notre Dame, ’16