CEL Internship in Nicaragua

Information about the January 2009 International Academic Internship “Interfaith Service to Latin America (ISLA) in Nicaragua”

For Latin American Studies majors and Latino Studies concentrators

  • LS committee will not endorse this internship for LS credit since the internship does not reflect substantial academic content;
  • LS faculty will not act as advisers for this internship due to the fact that the faculty must first do it on an individual basis (in response to each student interested in it) and, consequently, will have to plan and guide individual academic work (serving each student interested in it);
  • LS faculty will not discourage students interested in it since it appears to be a very good opportunity for four weeks of work;
  • The Director, whenever he/she is contacted, will inform of this common agreement—made among Latin American Studies faculty—to all those Latin American Studies majors and Latino Studies concentrators with an interest in this internship;
  • Long in advance, students strongly in need for and interested in this internship (to complete their LS major or their Latino concentration) must present a petition to the director. The particular student will then be informed of the decision taken by the LS committee on his/her petition.