Christian Organizations

In addition to the ministry offered by the St. Olaf College Student Congregation, there are a wide variety of Christian organizations at St. Olaf. Below is a list of each organization with a brief description of their worship and educational opportunities. For specific information regarding meeting times and locations, please visit the “Religion” section of St. Olaf Student Organizations or talk with one of the college pastors.


Avodah is a “journal of constructive Christian discourse” written and published entirely by St. Olaf College students.

Catholic Student Association

The Catholic Student Association supports and ministers to Catholic students at St. Olaf College by organizing rides to St. Dominic Catholic Church for weekend Masses, notifying members when there will be on-campus Mass, offering weekly Eucharistic adoration, a weekly Rosary group, and a Lent group.

Christian Activities Network

The Christian Activities Network is an umbrella organization that represents Christian groups on campus. Its goal is to unify Christians through periodic campus-wide activities and continuing dialogue, as well as to act as a supportive faith community for leaders of organizations.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes challenges coaches and athletes to use athletics to impact the world for Jesus Christ. This group provides seekers with an opportunity to encounter God, while challenging Christ Followers with the example of Jesus to be better students, friends, teammates, Christians, and athletes.

Fellowship of Christian Oles

Fellowship of Christian Oles gathers weekly to discuss ideas, worship together, and share in the joy of Christ-centered relationships. It is a community striving to live as called people by Christ, with a heart for outreach in the St. Olaf community and beyond.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is a campus fellowship dedicated to Jesus and to learning how to better live as his followers. Through weekly small group Bible studies and occasional large-group events, members seek to grow together in what it means to live the love of Christ in the context of college and of the world.

Monday Night Prayer

Monday Night Prayer is a student group which aims to cultivate experiencing the presence of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit through Biblical teaching, worshiping, and application of spiritual gifts in a structured setting including mentoring from experienced teachers and pastors.


Selah is a Sunday evening full-band praise and worship time at the Lion’s Pause.

St. Olaf Christian Outreach

St. Olaf Christian Outreach is an ecumenical group of students dedicated to sharing God’s love with the surrounding communities by bringing college-aged Christians together with elementary