Interfaith Organizations

Being a College of the Church means that St. Olaf students, faculty and staff value the study and practice of religion. St. Olaf College is a diverse community with many expressions of faith. Below is a list of the interfaith organizations at St. Olaf with a brief description of their worship and educational opportunities. For specific information regarding meeting times and locations, please visit the “Religion” section of  St. Olaf Student Organizations or talk with one of the college pastors.

Baha’i Club

The Baha’i Club acquaints students with the tenets of the Baha’i faith by sponsoring lectures, discussions, information gatherings, social activities and public meetings.

Darshan: Hindu Student Organization

Darshan, the Hindu Student Organization, provides an opportunity for Hindu students to engage their faith, spiritually and culturally. Darshan seeks to provide a close-knit community where students converse about Hindu teachings and participate in Hindu rituals, traditions, and celebrations.

Interfaith Conversation

Interfaith Conversations brings together people of different beliefs in order to build deeper understanding and respect for each other. Such community building is achieved through small and large group discussions and events.

Interfaith Youth Core

Interfaith Youth Core is a national organization that seeks to foster respect for people’s diverse religious and non-religious identities and inspire relationships between people of different backgrounds by serving together. The Interfaith Youth Core strives for “common action for common good.”

Jewish Student Organization

The Jewish Student Organization is committed to educate St. Olaf College on the rich heritage of the Jewish religion, to celebrate the lush culture, to spur political dialogue and to provide a resource for Jewish students and those curious about Judaism.

Lotus: St. Olaf College’s Buddhist Sangha

Lotus, St. Olaf College’s Buddhist Sangha, is a welcoming community to all people. Participants meet weekly to meditate, discuss readings or ideas related to Buddhism, choose a mantra or theme to be mindful of throughout the next week, and then discuss our mindfulness practice of the previous week.

Mormon Oles

Mormon Oles is a group from members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or those who would like to learn more about the Church. Members participate in weekly Family Home Evening meetings to get to know one another, share spiritual thoughts, and have fun.

Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association aims to promote friendship between Muslim students and the St. Olaf/Northfield community, to promote Islamic culture, and to organize Islamic festivals and arrange get-togethers for Muslim Students and St. Olaf students, faculty and staff.

Secular Student Alliance at St. Olaf

The Secular Student Alliance at St. Olaf aims to represent the non-religious students on campus. The organization provides the opportunity for secular students to engage in open-minded conversation and form relationships with students of similar belief systems.

St. Olaf Unitarian Universalists

St. Olaf Unitarian Universalists a religious organization which promotes the Unitarian Universalist Association principles, this group seeks to create an environment where students may gather for worship, service, fellowship, pastoral care, community and interfaith dialog.