Administration and Staff

Alison FeldtbwAlison Feldt
Department Chair



 MCWwebKent McWilliams
Department Vice Chair



Barth151Barbara Barth
Academic Administrative Assistant — Music Department
CherylrectangleCheryl Bristol
Academic Administrative Assistant — Music Department
davisMary Davis
Ensemble Music Coordinator
Mechanical Rights Administrator of St. Olaf Records
Hakes11Mary Hakes
Assistant Dean of Admissions and Music Admissions Coordinator
CHanson11Christine Hanson
Assistant to Music Organizations/Business Accounting Coordinator

johnsonbjB.J. Johnson
Manager of Music Organizations and Assistant to Department Chair

johnsondennisDennis Johnson
Piano Technician
Klitzke12Paul Klitzke
Assistant Piano Technician 
K_StockswebKevin Stocks
Assistant Director, Promotion and Marketing
St. Olaf Music Organizations
TimWellsWebTim Wells
Academic Administrative Assistant
Music Organizations and Music Department
terraLrTerra Widdifield
Associate Manager of Music Organizations