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Gary Muir, Director of Neuroscience
Associate Professor of Psychology

Teaches: Principles of Psychology (125), Biopsychology (238), and Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (337)

prof. crisp

Kevin Crisp
Associate Professor of Biology

Ph.D., Neuroscience, University of Minnesota. Research interests: invertebrate motor systems, cellular excitability, computer modeling, neural regeneration after injury


Jay Demas
Associate Professor of Biology and Physics

Teaches: Principles of Physics (124, 125), Developmental Neurobiology; research interests: activity-dependent plasticity and development of the retina


Shelly Dickinson
Associate Professor of Psychology

Teaches: Biopsychology, Conditioning and Learning, Neuroscience of Addiction, Neurobiology of Psychopathology, Advanced Research Methods in Behavioral Neuroscience, Science Conversation


Darla Frandrup
Academic Administrative Assistant



Anna Johnson
Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Teaches: Biopsychology (238), Developmental Psychology (241), Stress and Development (390)


Jeremy Loebach
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Teaches: Biopsychology, Psychology of Hearing


Jessica Petok
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ph.D., in Lifespan Cognitive Neuroscience from Georgetown University.


Anne Walter
Professor of Biology

Ph.D., physiology and pharmacology, Duke University