Application to Program

Students are encouraged to express an interest in the nursing major upon application for admission to St. Olaf College.  Enrollment in the program is limited and admission is competitive; therefore, early consultation with the department chair is recommended.  interested students are assigned nursing faculty as academic advisors.

Information for Students Applying for Direct Admission to the Nursing Program

Students intending to major in nursing at the time of application to the College may be considered for direct admission to the nursing program as a first-year student.  Direct admission as a first-year student is limited, competitive, and conditional.  Students seeking direct admission to the nursing program must complete an additional application to the program at the same time they submit an application to the College.  The nursing application includes two additional essays and an interview.  The application for direct admission to the nursing program is available at

Information for Students Not Applying or Not Selected for Direction Admission to the Nursing Program

Students that did not apply or were not selected for the first-year direct admission may apply for admission to the nursing major during the fall of the sophomore year.  Application information is available at

Students needing accommodations for the essay or interview and who have a documented disability for which accommodations have been provided by the Academic Support Center (ASC), need to contact Suzanne, Kiehne, the AAA for the Department of Nursing.  Accommodations will only be provided after a letter from the ASC is submitted to the Department of Nursing chair and with sufficient lead-time to arrange accommodations prior to the scheduled essay or interview.

Information for All Students Applying to the Nursing Program

Conditional acceptance into the nursing major will become final, if students meet the following criteria at the end of the sophomore year:

  1. Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.85.
  2. Prerequisites must be taken for a letter grade, cumulative grade point average 2.70.
  3. Only one prerequisite course may be below C- and this course (or an alternate course approved by the Nursing Department chair) may be repeated once.
  4. A minimum grade of C- must be achieved in the repeated or substituted course.
  5. If a grade of C- is not achieved in the repeated or substituted course, the student may not continue in the major.
  6. If two or more prerequisite courses are below C- the student may not continue in the major.

Students not accepted may choose to be placed on a waiting list and will be notified of their rank on that list. If openings occur, admission will be offered to waiting list students by rank, highest rank first. Students not accepted, may appeal the admission decision to the Dean of the College (see College catalog, Nursing Department section.)

Students on the waiting list may reapply for admission to the nursing program the following year. They will be considered in the next pool of applicants but will not be guaranteed admission because they apply a second time.

The nursing major begins in the spring semester of the sophomore year.