Nursing: An Excellent Career Choice

What are the advantages of a four year professional nursing program leading to a BA degree versus a two year technical nursing program leading to an AA degree?

Top nurse executives and administrators believe that compared to technical nurses, baccalaureate prepared nurses:

Have more comprehensive understanding of the nursing process, patient assessment and documentation.

Have broader exposure to concepts of CASE MANAGEMENT and CARE COORDINATION essentials of continuity of care which is necessary with increased intensity and complexity of patient needs.

Demonstrate better understanding of the LIBERAL ARTS as a basis for nursing.

Have experience in community health which brings insight and resources to continuity of care and the discharge planningprocess.


Are able to deal with change and conflict in flexible and objective ways.

Are more comfortable involving families in care and defining appropriate parameters for them.

Demonstrate better patient teaching skills in assessing needs and setting priorities in teaching because they have a better understanding of the teaching/learning process.

Relate in a more collaborative manner with other health professionals. They are oriented to an interdisciplinary philosophy .

Have increased ability to THINK CRITICALLY, solve problems and make decisions by being able to see beyond clinical/physical manifestations and to incorporate a more comprehensive and holistic view .

Are aware of underlying concepts of care that can be transferred or modified. They do not rely on ‘rote’ skills but on knowledge bases.

Have more exposure to leadership theory and preparation for SUPERVISION and DELEGATION of care provided by other health team members.

Where can I go to learn more about a career in Nursing?

Sigma Theta Tau, the international honor society for nursing, offers an online resource – Career Profiles in Nursing – featuring 30 nurses in different career stages and in 15 specialty areas at

Johnson and Johnson sponsors a new web site at containing a searchable database of more than 1,000 nursing education programs and hundreds of scholarships nationwide. In addition, the site profiles dozens of nurses and students and provides descriptions of numerous nursing specialties and career paths.