Prizes and Honors

Departmental Distinction, the only formal honor the philosophy department awards, is granted to those graduating philosophy majors who have displayed the following qualities in their philosophical discourse: clarity of expression, careful analysis of issues, cogency of argument, overall coherence in statement and argument, a broad-range of considerations brought to bear on the issue, and originality.

The Ringstad Prize is offered each year for the best papers on a philosophical topic by St. Olaf students. The competition is divided into two categories: (1) papers by first year and sophomore students, and (2) papers by junior and senior students.


2013 E. O. Ringstad First-Prize Winners Colloquium
Junior/Senior category–Michelle Frank Constructed Knowledge: Linguistic Perception and the Active Receipt of Testimony
First-Year/Sophomore category–Thomas Lambert Self-Cultivation: Wisdom According to Plato
Monday, May 6, 3:45-5:00 p.m.
Holland Hall 516

2012 E. O. Ringstad First-Prize Winners Colloquium
Junior/Senior category–Bjorn Wastvedt A Dostoeyevskian Critique of Jeffrie Murphy on Resentment
First-Year/Sophomore category–Thomas Churchill Could ‘what it’s like’ be Physical Knowledge?
Monday, May 7, 3:45-5:15 p.m.
Holland Hall 516