First Year Programming – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

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Focus on First Years: January 2015, date TBD

Focus on First Years for Athletes: January 2015, date TBD


The Piper Center for Vocation and Career supports students in a variety of ways, including helping to identify values, interests, skills and abilities, and understanding how these relate to vocational discernment and professional life. In addition to your faculty advisor, mentors, and parents, Piper Center staff and resources will be useful throughout your time at St. Olaf, particularly as you work through deciding on a major and as you begin to formulate ideas and goals for your future.

To aid in these discernment processes, the Piper Center has developed programming specifically for first-year students. The program, held in January, will be focused around the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality type inventory that promotes awareness of self and others.  It’s a widely used, nonjudgmental tool to help students gain an understanding of four natural preferences in how people gain energy, gather information, make decisions, and approach life. Although the best judge of your true personality will always be you, the MBTI can be a significant foundation for your discernment process.


Finding a good fit for your vocational path means finding the intersection of your:
experience, values, personality, interests, and skills

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The Piper Center provides not only the MBTI as a tool for self-discovery, but also provides resources and experiences designed to help you leverage your liberal arts education to achieve your full potential.

All incoming students will complete the assessment by August 15th and receive an interpretation and personalized MBTI profile during special event for the class of 2018 .

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