Past Fulbright Recipients, 2007-2014

For more information about this program, contact the Coordinator of Postgraduate Fellowships: Grant Eustice, Assistant Director of Fellowships (, 507-786-3268).

The Fulbright program, sponsored by the United States Department of State, aims to “increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries.” Program participants are chosen based on academic merit and leadership potential, and are given opportunities to study, research, and teach all over the world. Use the links below to learn more about the program.


Melaine Brooks ’11 -(Finland)
Project Title: The Art of Wind Orchestra Conducting and Pedagogy in Finland
Field of Study: Conducting
Abstract of Proposal: I will join Peter Ettrup Larsen’s Wind Orchestra Conducting Masters’ class at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, where I will study the conducting techniques, music repertoire, and instructional methods emphasized in his program. In addition, I intend to engage in the country’s quality instrumental music education system for youth, amateurs, and professional musicians by collaborating with five music schools across the country.

David Galick ’14 – (Kazakhstan)
Project Title: 
English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract Proposal: I will teach English in Kazakhstan to facilitate cultural and linguistic exchange between myself and Kazakhstanis. This project will draw on the skills I have acquired through extensive intercultural interactions, learning and teaching Russian, and teaching English. Teaching in Kazakhstan will provide me a unique opportunity to use my Russian language skills, while also learning about a new country, its language, and culture.

Sophia Kor ’14  (Taiwan)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract Proposal: I have chosen to apply for an ETA in Taiwan because I highly respect their culture and education system. My further exploration and experience there would allow me a better understanding and connection to my own Chinese heritage. I hope to encourage students to use their skills to their advantage and to also give them the opportunity to broaden their views and knowledge of other cultures. To help them learn, I hope to inspire and promote diligence.

Shaina Rud ’14 – (South Korea)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract Proposal: I want my love of learning to motivate my students to seek experiences that broaden their world perspective. As a psychology major, I enjoy studying how culture and learning impact each other. South Korea’s collectivist culture draws me in specifically because I am intrigued by the language, want to encourage my students to explore their passions, and I want to experience an environment different from my individualist culture.

Sonja Smerud ’14  (Germany)
Project Title: Germany’s Epistemic Communities as a Model for Transnational Environmental Engagement
Field of Study: International Relations
Abstract Proposal: Environmental issues cross political boundaries, impacting diverse communities and necessitating an international approach that unites scientists and policy makers under a common goal. Germany is currently practicing an effective means of environmental communication through such epistemic communities. I intend to explore Germany’s unique contribution international environmental politics through a partnership with the University of Technology-Munich.

Kia Vang ’14 – (Thailand)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract Proposal: I will be an English Teaching Assistant in Thailand due to my passion of providing services to students, such as teaching and mentoring. I will be working with students on their reading, writing, and speaking skills through the various successful teaching techniques that I crafted from previous teaching experiences.


Kristell Caballero-Saucedo ’13 -(Mexico)
Project Title: Political Participation of Afro-Mexicans in Costa Chica
Field of Study: Political Science
Abstract Proposal: I propose a field study of the methods used by activists in Costa Chica, Oaxaca, Mexico to organize people and plans used to politically advocate for the end of the discrimination and marginalization of Afro-Mexicans. My field research is needed because most of the existent academic research on Afro-Mexican focuses only on the colonial history and not contemporary political events.

Lauren Carlson ’13 – (Ecuador)
Project Title: Assessment of Maternal Mortality in Ecuador
Field of Study: Public Health
Abstract of Proposal: In Ecuador, I will assist with ongoing research on maternal health with the Center for Population Studies at the University of San Francisco Quito. I will work in rural and urban Ecuador, gathering data from hospitals on the maternal mortality ratio. Also, I will identify the strengths and weaknesses of public hospitals in ensuring maternal survival, in order to discern the efficacy of Ecuadorian law concerning maternal health.

April Curtis ’12  (Bulgaria)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract of Proposal: I will be teaching English in Bulgaria. While in Bulgaria, I will seek out festivals and dance performances to document with my video camera.  I will create a website where I can share what I learned in Bulgaria with the Seattle Balkan Dancers and other people who are interested in Bulgarian folk culture. This project would allow me to combine my dedication to teaching and my deep interest in Bulgarian culture.

Kelsey Klein ’13 – (Norway)
Project Title: Factors Affecting Outcomes of Cochlear Implant Users in Norway
Field of Study: Psychology
Abstract of Proposal: This project will investigate the factors relating to the variable outcomes of cochlear implant (CI) users in Norway. In collaboration with the University of Oslo and the Oslo University Hospital, data will be gathered through various cognitive tests and self-report surveys. The results of this project will influence the structure of clinical treatment and rehabilitation for CI users.

Martha Nielsen ’13  (Argentina)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract of Proposal: In Argentina, I will be a teaching assistant working with future English teachers. Because I plan to be a teacher of Spanish and English as a Second Language, I look forward to working with future Argentine teachers and helping them consider their future classrooms.

Brynn Rathjen ’13 – (Malaysia)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract of Proposal: Using my experience leading and working with children, I will be an English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia helping students develop English skills and providing American cultural knowledge. I will also get involved in community activities such as athletics or musical groups and work to connect with Malaysian culture.


Eric Becklin ’12 – (China)
Project Title: Locating the Lost Nestorians of Quanzhou
Field of Study: History, Cultural and Intellectual
Abstract of Proposal: The project will investigate the original materials of religious tablets left by Nestorian Christians in Quanzhou, China. The results of this analysis will be used to construct a map of the area approximating where these people were located. The goal of producing this information is to create a physical context for past work done to translate the inscriptions on these tablets so that further substantive research may be possible on the topic.

Sarah Chao ’11 – (Russia)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract of Proposal: I will be an English Teaching Assistant in Russia, working with my students to increase their conversational language skills and their understanding of American culture and history. During the year, I will also volunteer as a mentor in nearby orphanages, teaching and learning through conversations with my mentees. I will provide guidance and organize fun activities involving games, art, and music.

Julia Coffin ’12 – (Nepal)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract of Proposal: I will be an English Teaching Assistant in Nepal, working with students to develop confidence and proficiency in speaking, reading and writing English. In addition to teaching, I will organize after-school programing, empowering girls to envision a better future through culturally sensitive activities, intentional discussion and personal reflection.

Zachary Erickson ’12 – (Germany)
Project Title: Synthesis of an Organic Multicatalyst
Field of Study: Chemistry
Abstract of Proposal: Organic multicatalysts are molecules which promote two or more successive chemical reactions without the use of potentially toxic metal atoms, leading to cheaper and more environmentally friendly methods for chemical synthesis. I will join a research group from Giessen University to synthesize and test a new organic multicatalyst.

Lisa Drewry ’12 – (Germany)
Project Title: RNA-Protein Interactions in Salmonella Bacteria
Field of Study: Biology
Abstract of Proposal: Disease-causing pathogens easily develop resistance to conventional pharmaceuticals, but drugs targeting protein-regulating sRNAs may help alleviate this problem. To support development of such drugs, I propose to investigate sRNA-protein interactions in the model pathogen Salmonella typhimurium under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Jörg Vogel at the Universität Würzburg Institute for Molecular Infection Biology in Germany.

Jonathan Henn ’12 – (Argentina)
Project Title: Ecological and Social Strategies for Forest Restoration in Argentine Beaver Meadows
Field of Study: Ecology
Abstract of Proposal: The North American beaver was introduced to the Tierra del Fuego region of Argentina and they have extensively degraded the native forest ecosystem. This project will investigate what factors are preventing forest regeneration in the area and how, considering these factors, to restore the forest to natural conditions. A combination of field measurements in meadows and greenhouse growth trials will be used to analyze this.

Sarah McGivern ’12 – (Turkey)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Field of Study: English Teaching Assistantship
Abstract of Proposal: I am applying for an ETA position in Turkey to expand the knowledge I gained of Turkish language and culture during my stay in Istanbul one year ago. My broader interests in the Middle East and sociolinguistics inform my desire to teach English in Turkey with a yearlong program. I hope to improve understanding among my Turkish university peers of the English language and American culture by using creative methods of communication in the classroom.

Jamie Mosel ’12 – (Japan)
Project Title: Forest Ecology and Succession in Hokkaido
Field of Study: Ecology
Abstract of Proposal: Due to global climate change as well as many man-made ecological disturbances, earth’s ecosystems are experiencing rapid change. In collaboration with Professor Koike and the Hokkaido University Silviculture and Forest Ecology lab, this project will research the effects of global climate change on northern forest ecosystems and the decline of mountain birch in Hokkaido, Japan.

Cecilia Noecker ’12 – (Mexico)
Project Title: Epidemiology of Genetic Resistance to Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in Morelos, Mexico
Field of Study: Public Health
Abstract of Proposal: This research will contribute to a larger project studying the epidemiology of dengue fever, an emerging tropical disease, in Morelos, Mexico. Previously collected tissue samples will be analyzed to determine the prevalence of a gene that provides resistance to the virus. The effect of this resistance on dengue transmission in the region will be studied through statistical analysis and mathematical modeling.


Steven Braun ’11 – (Japan)
Project Title: Computational Models of Protein Folding

Madeline Buck ’11 – (Norway)
Project Title: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Ethical Fashion
Interdisciplinary Studies

Jonathan Christensen ’11 – (Taiwan)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
Mathematics & Physics

Anna Coffey ’11 – (China)
Project Title: Early Childhood Development in Northwest China

Bogdan Conrad ’11 – (India)
Project Title: Leprosy: Stigma and Biological Response
Biology & Chemistry

Sara Padula ’11 – (Japan)
Project Title: Gender and Civil Society in Japanese Elections
Political Science

Lydia Pfotenhaur ’11 – (China)
Project Title: Rural Migrants in Hangzhou: Government Policies, Social Service, and Gendered Aspriations
Political Science

Erin Seybold ’11 – (Norway)
Project Title: Physical and Biotic Controls of Methane Flux in Evolving Arctic Wetland Communities
Biology & Environmental Studies

Annika Tohlen ’11 – (Turkey)
Project Title: English Teaching Assistantship
History & Women’s Studies


Alex Shmidt ’10 – (China)
Prject Title: Educating China’s Diverse Future
Major: Sociology

Caitlin Marine ’10 – (Norway)
Prject Title: Grouse Population Surveys and Identification
Major: Ecology

Shoshana Blank ’10 – (India)
Prject Title: Cleaner Air; Healthier People: Introducing More Efficient
Major: Environmental Studies

Sarah Dorman ’10 – (Egypt)
Prject Title: Arabic Language Study
Major: Arabic Language & Literature

Sarah Jacobson ’10 – (South Africa)
Prject Title: Gender and Sexual Health in End-of-Life Care
Major: Anthropology


Sarah Hendrickson ’09 – (India)
Prject Title: The Clinical Profiles and Treatment Profiles of MDR-TB
Major: Medicine

Whitney Waters ’09 – (Mexico)
Prject Title: Mitochondrial DNA Gamma Polymerase Mutation and Its Correlation to Diabetes
Major: Biology


Lisa Gulya ’08 – (Russia)
Prject Title: Increasing Population: The Role of Russian Undergraduate Women
Major: Sociology

Lauren Kunz ’08 – (Russia)
Prject Title: Survival and Event History Analysis on Longitudinal Breast Cancer Data from the Norwegian Cancer Registry
Major: Norway

Alexandra Sprano ’08 – (Turkey)
Prject Title: N/A
Major: English Teaching Assistantship


Leigh Billings ’07 – (China)
Prject Title: Environmental Policy and NGOs in China
Major: Ecology & Environmental Studies

Jessica Burtness ’07 – (India)
Prject Title: Asian Honey Bee Resistance to Parasitic Mites
Major: Biology

Andrea Horbinski ’07 – (Japan)
Prject Title: Hyper-Nationalist Manga in Context
Major: Literature

Elizabeth Jensen ’07 – (Norway)
Prject Title: Comparing Autonomous and Centrally Controlled Robots Using Distributed Systems
Major: Information Sciences/Systems

Ross Kanaga ’07 – (Thailand)
Prject Title: N/A
Major: English Teaching Assistantship

Michael Reading ’07 – (Canada)
Prject Title: Naturalization in Toronto: The Impact of Institutions
Major: Political Science

Kathryn Sederberg ’07 – (Germany)
Prject Title: N/A
Major: English Teaching Assistantship

Mary Sotos ’07 – (Belgium)
Prject Title: The Role of Civic Organizations in Belgium’s Energy Policy
Major: Ecology/Environmental Studies

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