Internship experience is an essential component to your education. While there are many factors that impact success in the job search, internship experience will make you a more competitive candidate and will inform your decisions in important and meaningful ways as you develop and pursue post-graduate plans. In an internship, you will have the chance to apply your academic coursework to a real-world work situation and explore your career options while developing your personal sense of vocation.

Employers from all sectors use internships as a recruiting tool. Employers use internships to screen and groom potential full-time hires. The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has conducted numerous employer surveys that demonstrate this growing trend. Employers know that you will have developed professional skills, gained hands-on experience in your field of interest, and learned how organizations operate.

Internship experience will give you a competitive edge as a full-time job or graduate school candidate. No matter the organization, having internship experience as an undergraduate student makes you a more qualified candidate in the eyes of employers’ and professional schools’. We hear this message from recruiters year after year, who feel that students with past internship experience bring more professionalism and maturity as full-time job or graduate school candidates. An internship experience expands your professional network.

Register Your Internship for Academic Credit

Fund Your Internship

Internships Funded by St. Olaf

By choosing a St. Olaf funded internship, you will gain significant financial support for otherwise unpaid work. To help you throughout the experience, you have the advantage of extra support and higher-level involvement from St. Olaf staff, faculty, and alumni. These programs all have a focus on vocational discernment, civic engagement, skill building, and include a reflection on learning as part of an interdisciplinary team of fellow students with similar goals. These internships include the Rockswold Health Scholars Program, Davis Projects for Peace, Social Entrepreneurship Scholars, the Legal Scholars Program, and Mayo Innovation Scholars. Learn more about these internships here.

International Students and Working in the U.S.

Internship Search Process

  • Questions to ask yourself about internships — Helps direct you to the next step is in the internship acquisition process.
  • Finding Unposted Internships — Many organizations choose not to post jobs or internships for various reasons. This page offers advice on how to find and get those positions.
  • Finding Posted Internships — This pages has resources for finding posted internship in fields related to their interests.
  • Internship Opportunities Organized by Field — Together, these pages are a comprehensive list of places that Ole’s have previously interned organized by career field. This is an extremely useful resource because all of these organizations know how competent Ole’s are in the field.

St. Olaf Specific Internships:

Networking for Internships

Getting an Internship – Applying


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