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Distinction – Distinction is an honor that a small number of majors each year receive for having performed exceptionally well in the major. The standards are high for distinction, so if you choose to submit a paper for distinction, you will need to put time and energy into crafting and revising it.

Internships – Internships are structured educational work experiences designed to enrich and complement your academic program. An internship enables you to discover the links between your academic study of liberal arts and application of classroom knowledge to a practical work situation. Political Science students interested in internship information should contact the Piper Center for Vocation and Career.

Experiential Learning Opportunities in Political Science

Independent Study – After completion of three courses in political science, students may approach a member of the department faculty and propose a course of study not currently offered to be conducted in tutorial fashion.

Transferring Credit

Recommendation Letters

In order for a professor to write a high quality letter of recommendation for you, you will need to do some work; the more the professor knows about your goals and activities, the better letter they will be able to write. SO… if you want a thorough, well-written recommendation please use the following checklist:

Student Request for Reference or Recommendation

Scholarships and more