Being a Participant in the Psych 125 Subject Pool

2015-2016 Coordinator: Prof. Jeremy Loebach 

Why research in Psych 125?

Research is integral to Psychological Science. As such, we believe that participating in research is an important part of your experience in Psychology 125. All students registered for Psych 125 will be asked to participate in 3 hours of departmentally approved research for course credit. Through your participation, you will learn about a variety of areas in psychology, the questions that researchers ask, and how research is conducted in order to answer those questions. You may even find yourself inspired to conduct psychological research of your own during your undergraduate career.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and integrity as a research participant. You have the right to an explanation of any study before you agree to participate. In addition, everything that you say or do during a research project is strictly confidential. If, for some reason, you become uncomfortable with the study and suddenly decide that you would rather not participate in a research project after all, then you may withdraw. You cannot be penalized for leaving a research session once it has begun and you have given your informed consent.

How to sign up for an experiment

How to get credit for your participation

How to track your research credit

A Guide to Research Etiquette

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