Off-Campus Studies in Psychology

Interim 2016

Exploring India
Human Development in Cross-Cultural Context: Professor Dana Gross will lead this program. This course explores childhood and family life in modern India through site visits, observations, lectures, and readings, addressing questions such as: How does India’s unique history and culture, population growth, and economic development affect parenting practices, children’s self-concept, relationships, and education?    How do adolescents in India understand and    experience gender roles and the transition to  adulthood? How do Indian psychologists and  social workers integrate traditional and contemporary approaches in this religiously  and linguistically diverse nation?
Prerequisite: Psychology 125 or Asian Studies 121 or Family Studies 232 or 242 or permission of the instructor.

Interim 2017

Environmental Psychology at Rocky Mountain National Park
This course investigates the human relationship with the natural world, examining ways in which the natural
environment is imountainsmportant psychologically to human beings. Integrating aspects of theoretical and empirical psychology, environmental studies and literature, we explore meanings, values, and questions such as: How are we affected by nature? What affects people’s attitudes and behaviors toward the environment? How do we respond to environmental challenges? How does the field of psychology address the natural world?
Prerequisite: Psychology 125 or Environmental Studies 137.