Employment Policies

Recreation, Exercise Science & Athletics Student Employee Manual (RESA)

Our goal is to keep St. Olaf students, faculty, staff, and alumni coming back to the recreation center.  We achieve this by constantly paying attention to details and providing excellent customer service.

Employment Policies

1.  All employees are required to wear a name tag while on duty and be on time for your shifts.
2.   Employees should observe good office decorum and not sit or prop feet on desk, counter tops, or cabinets.  Keep personal visits brief.
3.  Office telephones are for college business.  Personal phone calls are not allowed, including cell phone calls or texts.  If you do receive a personal phone call, be as brief as possible. Users of the facility may not use office phones.  Direct them to the nearest courtesy phone.
4.  It is each worker’s responsibility to check their email for work related notes and requests for substitutions.  Do not check your email during your work shift.  Check it before or after your shift.
5.  Be aware of the building schedule each day-check bulletin board by the Tostrud front desk.
6.  Be familiar with all emergency procedures including fire, tornado, accident, or bomb threat.
7.  Be consistent with rule enforcement.
8.  Student employees must present their ID card when they are using the building outside of their work hours.
9.  When you are assigned a shift, expectations are that you will complete the entire semester or interim.
10.  If a replacement worker is late, stay at your site if you can.  If you must go, inform the supervisor.
11.  Communicate updated information with the worker you are replacing from the previous shift.
14.  Eating at your work site is discouraged but if you must, be discreet and clean.
15.  The following people may assign additional work for you: Judy Stromayer, Janice Manning, Lynda Maus and Chris Rotty.
16.  If you are requesting a sub(s), you are expected to be a sub.
17.  Attend mandatory staff meetings.
18.  Respond respectfully to all inquiries and refer people to your supervisor if you do not know the answer.  Do not give misinformation.
19.  Be aware of the responsibilities specific to your position.  You are responsible for cleaning your work desk in addition to other cleaning duties within the fitness and weight room.

Protocol for someone not showing ID:
Notify adult supervisor immediately. If not available, note the face and name, if possible, date and time, and put the note on Lynda’s desk in the Skoglund main office-Skoglund 114.

Employee feedback

Employees are asked to document incidents that occur during work shifts.  Use the Incident Report Form to record incidents such as accident, injury, theft, etc.  This form is located in the lower drawer of the wooden, 2-drawer file cabinet by the front desk.  Please immediately notify Lynda or Judy of any equipment problems in the building.

 Discipline procedures

Violation of RESA facility policies and procedures may result in immediate termination.  An employee may be disciplined, suspended, or terminated during an employment period for the following reasons:

  • Failure to comply with the guidelines as outlined in the Student Employee Manual.
  • Frequent tardiness or unexcused absences (no shows).  See attached policy.
  • Working while under the influence of alcohol or any other non-prescription drug.
  • Falsification of payroll.
  • Sleeping while on duty.
  • Use of office equipment for personal use without approval.
  • Unexcused absence from mandatory staff training or meeting.
  • It is your responsibility to check and reply to RESA emails.
  • No computers, tablets, IPads, head phones, cell phones or movie materials should be used while
    on duty.

*The quality of your work now will not only affect retaining your job but will also affect your ability to get hours in the future*

Substitution policies

Each student employee is responsible for working their assigned shifts throughout the semester.  If a substitute is needed for any reason, the employee is responsible for finding his/her own replacement within 1-6 days in advance of the time requested off.

The preferred method –  requesting a sub more than 7 hours in advance:
This is what you should do and give as much notice as possible.
If requesting a sub:  (if you are requesting a sub, you will be expected to sub)
Must be a RESA worker

Instructions for the Web Sub requests:

  • https://www.stolaf.edu/apps/subs/
  • This is a sign-in page.  Sign-in with your email log in.
  • Choose the option you would like on the left hand menu.
  • This sub request page will allow you to post a sub position 1-6 days in advance.
  • Once your sub request is filled by another RESA worker, you will receive a confirmation email.

**You must make sure someone has taken your sub request (do not assume it is okay).**

Option 2:   If less than 7 hours prior to needing a sub then:

Email directly to resa@stolaf.edu       It is your responsibility to read all messages and respond to instructions/requests
Keep the request to the point.
For example:  Subject:  Sub needed – Sat 6 – 9 p.m.
Indicate in the body of the message the details of the sub request.

Reply directly to who will be your sub and notify Lynda (maus@stolaf.edu)

If still unsuccessful, you must contact Judy by email (stromaye@stolaf.edu) and/or phone (x3989).

If you have a short notice emergency:
Call the Front desk x3715, Lynda X3749 or Chris x3563, Judy x3989 (depending on time of day).

Employee Responsibilities:

When you use them, be professional.  They are expensive so be careful with them.

The first shift of the day should distribute the radios to the work stations, and turn them on to an appropriate volume and check that they are on channel 1:  one should go to the main front desk, one to the weight room, one to the south desk (if it is Saturday).  The chargers are in Judy’s office. The equipment room radio is in the equipment room with the charger.

The last shift of the day should return the radios to the charger and be sure they are turned off and the red light is on (this means it is charging)

To talk, depress the long textured button on the left side of radio, pause for one second and begin talking while continuing to depress the button.  When you are done with you message, say “over” which indicates that you are done talking and release the button.

Time sheets

Record hours online (TES System) upon completion of your shift (not during). Falsification of hours worked will result in dismissal from your job. If you have no time sheet to fill out online, you need a work authorization sent by email from Lynda

  • Round off your time to the nearest quarter hour.
  • Complete your time sheet properly under the correct account number and job description.
  • Record your hours in the corresponding area on the time sheet and submit for approval.
  • You will be notified that your time sheet was approved and you should get paid. If your time sheet was rejected, you need to make corrections and resubmit for approval. There will be comments explaining why it was rejected..

Job Descriptions for RESA desk work

Building Supervisors (Tostrud Front Desk):

Miscellaneous duties:

Basketball baskets and partition nets, volleyball and tennis nets set-up and take-down.

Do NOT leave desk unattended.

 Front desk:

  1. Be familiar with RESA building hours, policies and procedures and enforce them consistently.
  2. Check building and all work sites at the start of the shift and every half-hour.  (Alwayskeep garage doors closed).
  3. Use the clicker to record people count numbers per shift on the clipboard on the desk.
  4. Fitness and weight rooms must always be supervised. Fill in at various stations to work if needed.
  5. Answer phone and give correct information or direct call to proper person.
  6. Check IDs
  7. Collect dirty towels from fitness and weight room, bring to laundry room and bring back clean towels.
  8. Be familiar with security and emergency procedures.
  9. Check out equipment.
  10. Report concerns, problems or incidents to adult supervisor.
  11. Keep desk and front area clean and tidy.  Remove outdated materials from bulletin board.

Opening/Closing procedures

6:30 – 9:00 a.m.
Begin washing towels. Walk entire building.  Pick up garbage, clothing and put in lost & found.  Tidy up by removing old signs, etc.
3:00-6:00 p.m. shift
One supervisor should help at the south desk from 3:00 – 3:30.
6:00 – 8:30 p.m. shift
Make sure the back door by racquetball courts is not propped open, and lock door at 6 p.m. in the winter (end of November through spring break, and at 7 p.m. in fall/spring)

South Desk:

Check ID’s
Closing shift – check gym for lost and found items and put in bin at front desk, return any equipment found in gym to storage bin at front desk, return radio
Other duties as assigned.

 Fitness & Weight Rooms:

  1. Pick up towels and bottles.
  2. Perform checklist each shift.  (Sweep floor/vacuum when dirt is present).
  3. Be familiar with equipment and notify supervisor is something is broken.
  4. Keep areas clean at all times.
  5. Ask users with dirty shoes to clean off their shoes before entering room.
  6. Attend to customer if injury occurs; know emergency plan.
  7. Control volume and appropriateness of CD’s played in weight room.

RESA Student Work Attendance Policy

Being late or absent for work is inconsiderate to the rest of the Tostrud staff, please be responsible and show up on time.

Excused Absence or Tardiness

  • Hospital Confinement
  • Injury
  • Prearranged absence approved by supervisor
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Natural Catastrophe
  • Sickness – Supervisor will be notified or doctors note if reoccurring

Unexcused Absence or Tardiness

An absence will be considered unexcused if not covered by the factors above.  Tardiness is defined as being more than 3 minutes late.

Unreported Absence or Tardiness

An unreported absence will be classified as an unexcused absence regardless of the reason.

After one incident involving either absence or tardiness the administration will follow these disciplinary steps:

Disciplinary Steps

1st occurrence – warning – verbal or via email

2ndoccurrence – personal meeting

3rd occurrence – termination

Proper Notification of Absence or Tardiness

Absences and Tardiness must be reported directly to the supervisor.  In the case of the tardiness, the employee must also notify whoever is on duty before them.  Chronic tardiness will also be grounds for dismissal.