Outdoor Recreation (STORP)

STORP – The St. Olaf Outdoor Recreation Program

STORP offers rental gear for students, faculty and staff at low cost for use during the week,  on weekends, or over school breaks.  STORP is located in the lower level of Tostrud – end of the hallway by the weight room.

Closed until June 6. Summer hours will be Monday/Thursday  4-6 p.m.

Academic year hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 4-6 p.m.
Phone x 8045

STORP offers a variety of gear for a range of activities including:

  • snowshoes
  • Nordic skiing
  • Backpacking
  • Frisbee Golf
  • overnight camping

Participants may check out outdoor equipment, such as Nordic Ski packages (skis, boots, and poles), snowshoes, tents, sleeping bags, frisbee golf discs, backpacks, cookware, stoves, and other camping supplies at minimal cost.

Camping Gear list includes:
tents, sleeping bags (liners included), sleeping pads, cooking pots, fry pans, stoves (fuel for purchase), spatula, big spoon, cutting board, water container and bucket, headlamps (provide your own batteries), backpacks, tarps.

For more information about STORP, contact Judy Stromayer, Director of Recreation.

STORP Procedures:

1. STORP is open 4-6 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: Plan accordingly!

2. Equipment that is checked out must be returned the next time we are open (i.e. if something is checked out Friday, it is due Monday).

3. Bring a blank check, cash, or a department account number for the deposit cost as well as a St. Olaf ID, this deposit will be returned to you pending the safe, undamaged return of all equipment on the correct day.
Sorry, no credit cards accepted.

All equipment rental check-outs require a demonstration to ensure that equipment is functional and demonstrate proper use. All returns require a check-in setup with customer present to ensure no damages. 

4. There is a small fee for equipment checked out over breaks.

5. Sign and review your rental form!

6. There is a $2 late fee (per item per day) for all equipment turned in late. 

7. There is also a repair or replacement cost determined by the original price of the item, so please take care of the equipment.

8. We will now be charging a $5 fee for tents that are returned dirty, so please clean and dry your tents before returning them!

9. Group or individual reservations are available, but remember, whomever makes the deposit payment is responsible for returning all equipment in good condition and on time. Keep the late fees in mind!

RENTAL ITEMS:   Students rent for free except over breaks and still must have a deposit fee.
Price (1-3 days)      Break (4 days or more)
Item Name                                        Faculty/Staff            Break Pric               Deposit Cost

Sleeping Bag                                          $5                            $10                            $25.00
Sleeping bag Stuff Sack                       $0                             $0                                $5.00
Hostel Bag                                              $0                             $0                                $8.00
Sleeping Pad                                          $0                             $3                                $7.00
Polar Fleece Bag Liner                         $5                             $8                              $14.00
Stuff Sack (size)                                      $1                             $3                                $4.00
Eureka 4 Person Tent                            $5                            $12                             $75.00
Tarp (Blue-coated nylon, 8×10)            $3                             $5                                 $3.00
Tarp (Royal nylon, 10×12)                      $5                            $10                             $25.00
MSR Pocket Rocket  Stoves                  $5                            $10                             $20.00
Cook Kit                                                    $5                             $6                               $18.00
Individual Pot (size:)                               $2                             $3                                 $8.00
Stainless Steel Frying Pan                   $3                             $3                                  $9.00
Cutting Board                                          $0                             $0                                  $3.00
Pot Grippers                                            $0                             $0                                  $2.00
H2O Bucket                                             $0                             $0                                   $3.50
H2O Carrier                                             $1                             $3                                   $3.50
Headlamp                                                $3                             $5                                 $10.00
Women’s McKinley Pack                       $5                            $10                                $35.00
McKinley (size, L or M)                            $5                            $10                                $35.00
Wilderness (size, L or M)                       $5                            $10                                $46.00
Duffel Bag (size)                                      $5                             $6                                 $20.00
Xcountry Ski Set                                      $8                            $12                              $125.00
Skis:                                                           $3                             $8                                  $90.00
Poles:                                                        $3                             $8                                   $15.00
Boots:                                                        $3                             $8                                   $40.00
Snowshoes                                              $8                            $10                                 $80.00
Straps                                                        $0                             $0                                     $2.00

Frisbees                                                   $1                             $1                                      $8.00

Items For Sale:
Item                             Price
Soup bowls               $1.00
Soup spoons            $1.00
Knives                         $1.00
Fuel Cartridge            $5.00