Connect With The Academic Program

Registration Planning Workshop:  Monday, September 1, 2014


  • Groups organized by Tomson Hall classrooms
  • You should have a device for internet access (or share)


  • Gain hands-on familiarity with academic resources and processes.
  • Find information that you will need to use right away.

Getting Started:

Under “Academic Resources,” St. Olaf Academic Catalog

  1. Find: Mission; College-wide Goals for Student Learning (STOGoals); Curriculum; Graduation Requirements; Majors, Concentrations, and Areas of Emphasis:

The college’s graduation requirements:

  1. B.A./B.M. general graduation requirements. A series of requirements you MUST complete in order to graduate.
  2. B.A./B.M. comprehensive (general education) requirements: introduction + link
  3. Find the two requirements you must fulfill this year: FYW, BTS-B.
  4. Once registered tomorrow, read about other GE you are taking.
  5. Find: Academic Regulations and Procedures: Faculty-approved academic policies; Consult them regularly.
    1. Transfer of Credit to St. Olaf College: describes policies associated with pre-college credit;
    2. Grades: Learn the difference between P/N and S/U grading!
  • How many S/U courses can you take, maximum?
  • Can you receive GE credit for courses you take S/U?
    1. Final Examination Policy:
  • Can you take final exams any time you wish?
  • Can you reschedule exams to accommodate travel plans?

Return to Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising:

  • RIGHT: Current/Upcoming Events: Check regularly. Pay attention to emails from Mary Cisar for deadlines, registration.
  • LEFT: Under Academic Resources:

o    Calendars: 2014-15: dates of all terms, breaks, and deadlines;

o    Final Exam Schedule 2014-15: policies on final exams, exam schedule for fall and spring (interim coming later). After registration, check your final exam schedule.

o    Are you allowed to share your password with your parents? _____   Your roommate? _____

Student Information System:

  • Log in.
  • Read your messages. Do you have any alerts or holds?   Yes__ (they must be cleared to continue)   No__
  • Courses and Grades:

o    If pre-college credit (AP, IB, PSEO), year/term=2013-14 Non-St. Olaf + credit + GE.

o    Current Registration: Change year and term to 2014-15 semester I; find:

o    Your pre-registered first-year course(s) for fall semester: ______________________________________

o    Title to see course description (and find link to St. Olaf Bookstore for required book list).

o    Grading Option should be listed as “graded.”

o    (Courses for general education credit MUST be taken graded, not S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory).

o    GE to see guidelines (Conversations: no GE listed first term).

o    Location: building and room description and photograph. Class is in: __________________________

o    Instructor: Pick one interesting item you learn about your instructor: __________________________

o    View Weekly Schedule to view/print (check back after registration)

Some other links (no need to click on these now):

  • Registration: Only open during November / April on-line course choice submission.
  • Financials: current balance, amount on your Ole Card.
  • Personals: contact information and parent information; update at any time. We MUST have an up-to-date “Best Number to Reach Me.”
  • Permissions:Use this if you wish to give your parents or someone else access to your financials, degree audit, or schedule. DO NOT give anyone your password to your St. Olaf account—even your parents.
  • Forms and Links: also available on the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising Web page.

Back to Courses and Grades, pull-down menu, right-hand side of screen.

  • Grades: Check your grades here; we do not mail. Share with your parents!
  • Placement (at bottom): You MUST follow your placement recommendations UNLESS you have permission from the department—check during “Tying Up Loose Ends.”
  • Personal: A variety of options will appear. You can explore these later.

o    Addresses and Contact Information (can update here)

o    Organizations and Awards (populated if you join music ensemble, sports team, etc.);

o    Local newspaper: (complete this if you wish the college to send notices to your local paper);

o    Student Information Summary: (your faculty and advisor can see this screen);

o    Clearinghouse Services: (Print off your own verification or see Stephanie Johnson,

  • Degree Audit: an indispensable source of information! Check any time you wish to track your progress.

o    General graduation requirements (but not major requirements)

o    General education requirements (pay attention to the notations next to the GE attributes/see catalog)

o    Allowable S/U and transfer credits

o    Completed and registered (In Progress) courses

Tools: Class and Lab Schedule: The authoritative source. Choose correct year/term and search for courses:

  • By department
  • By GE
  • By faculty member
  • By time slot
  • “Open courses only” to exclude any closed courses
  • Browse full class and lab schedule
  • Find your registered FY course in the class/lab: same information as on current registration, plus open/closed.

Enrollments: also shows the number of students enrolled in your course section.


Use a drop/add slip prior to deadlines, available at the Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising window. Once term starts, instructor signature required to add or drop a course. For first-year students in first term, advisor’s signature also required. Once deadlines have passed: late petition + fee required. PAY ATTENTION TO EMAILS AND DEADLINES!

Thanks for your attention and participation!

Ask questions whenever you don’t understand something. And good luck!

Contact information:, x3015, or at the window, Tomson Hall, level 1