RELIGION 121 and WRITING 111 Course Descriptions


Spring Semester, 2014-2015


As part of St. Olaf College’s General Education curriculum, students must complete two courses during the first year of enrollment. These courses are Religion 121 (Bible, Culture, and Community) and Writing 111 (First Year Writing).

There will be no pre-registration process for Religion 121 and Writing 111. Students must include REL 121 and/or WRIT 111 section choices in their spring semester course schedules.


  • Great Conversation fulfills BTS-B in Interim and FYW in semester II. Great Con students do not register for Religion 121 or Writing 111.
  • American Conversations fulfills FYW but not BTS-B. Am Con students who are not taking Religion 121 this fall must register for a section of Religion 121 for spring 2014-15.
  • Environmental Conversation students are automatically registered for the appropriate Religion 121 or Writing 111 course.
  • International exchange students (students studying one year or less at St. Olaf) do not need to register for ¬†these courses.

Listed below are links to section descriptions for Religion 121 and Writing 111.

Writing 111 Descriptions
Religion 121 Descriptions

The course choice submission period opens on Friday, November 7 for Interim and spring semester registration. If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl LaCroix.