Senior Letter

TO:                  All Seniors and Advisors of Seniors, Class of 2014
From:              Mary Cisar, Registrar
Subject:          Senior Audit Check, Graduation Application, Name Pronunciation Form, and Major/Concentration Check
Date:               October 4, 2013

Please read this message carefully and completely.

The Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising is beginning the graduation process that will lead to commencement this coming spring. Beginning now, you will periodically receive messages from me or Paula Stowe, Assistant Registrar, Degree Completion and Special Programs. We will provide information and ask for your cooperation and assistance in accomplishing all the tasks we need to do together to ensure that all students who have completed degree requirements will graduate next spring. Your timely attention to these messages is crucially important!

Within the next month or so, you will receive a packet of information and forms, including:

  1. A completed Senior Audit Check for Graduation (see below for important details)
  2. Graduation information letter
  3. Graduation numbers to remember

The Senior Audit Check:

We complete the Audit Check for Graduation form for each individual student and include it for your review. The audit check shows you exactly what graduation requirements you have completed and what remains to be completed during this term and the rest of this year in order to be eligible to graduate. Note that this audit check does not check your requirements in your major(s) or concentration(s). We ask that you check with your department/program to make sure you know what major/concentration requirements you still need to complete.

The Office of the Registrar and Academic Advising staff will be completing individual senior audits in October, starting at the beginning of the alphabet. We send them out to students as soon as they are complete. Please be patient. Your paperwork may not come at the same time as your roommate’s or p.o. mate’s. When all audits have been completed we will notify the class. If you have not received an Audit Check for Graduation by that time, please contact us immediately.

It is your responsibility to read your Audit Check for Graduation carefully and check it against your current audit and registration online.

  1. In order to do this, when you receive your Audit Check for Graduation, we recommend that you print off your current degree audit from and compare your degree audit against the Audit Check for Graduation. (Click on “Courses and Grades,” then use the pull-down menu on the right, choose “Degree Audit,” and click “Go”).
  2. Also look at your current registration in the SIS under “courses and grades”, and review the GEs attached to the courses in which you are currently enrolled. Make sure that these courses will fulfill remaining requirements and that you are taking each course for a grade. Taking a course S/U will prevent the course from fulfilling any GE that is associated with it.
  3. We strongly urge you to go over your audit with your advisor, to make sure that both you and s/he understand what still remains for you to complete. We foresee that this will be part of your advisor-advisee meeting to prepare for Interim and spring semester registration.
  4. You also need to go over major and concentration requirements with someone in the department including 6 total credits graded C or above in the major and 21 credits outside the major.

Electronic 2014 Application for Graduation

  • The application for graduation will be available to you online through the SIS.  This application must be completed no later than March 5, 2014. Review of your major, concentration, and emphasis is used to complete certification lists that are sent to department in March. If your name does not appear on these lists, you will not have your major, concentration, or emphases certified for graduation.  It is also the document from which we generate your diploma.
  • If you expect to graduate early (after fall semester or interim) or you know you will be a “participator” in the graduation ceremony, please indicate this on the graduation application.  A “participator” who has completed a minimum of 33 credits and has at least a 2.0 cum G.P.A. will be allowed to “walk” in the ceremony.  However, s/he will not receive a diploma until all remaining requirements are completed.

Electronic Name Pronunciation

  • When you apply online for graduation you will also have the opportunity to indicate the proper pronunciation of your name.  This information is very important to the Dean of the College, to you, and to your family; it ensures that your name is pronounced correctly at graduation.  If you have a name that many people have difficulty pronouncing, please fill out this section in the online graduation application.  This will allow Provost and Dean of the College Marci Sortor to have time to practice saying your name before commencement.

Students currently on off-campus programs:

If you are currently studying off-campus, you will receive your graduation packet via email attachment from Paula Stowe. Off-campus students must also complete the online Graduation Application. You may do this while you are off campus.
I hope that, at the end of the process, you will understand what you need to do to complete your requirements for graduation so that you can register appropriately for Interim and spring semester.

Important advice for your senior year:

This Semester:  Please do not drop any courses or make any S/U changes in your registration for this current term (or future ones) without first checking your senior audit to ensure that you are not jeopardizing your graduation by doing so.

General Education: Please make sure that courses for which you register carry specific GE attributes.  Do not just assume they carry them.

If you have any questions or concerns once you review the Audit Check for Graduation, please call our office (x3015 or to make an appointment to discuss your audit in person.

The Registrar’s Office wishes you all the best during your senior year!