Seniors and Juniors w/NO Major: Declare Major

Dear Seniors and Juniors,

If you have not yet declared a major, please do so immediately!

Faculty academic policy specifies that all students must declare a major no later than the fall of their junior year, by the time of registration for interim and spring.  This is to ensure that students are making progress toward the graduation requirement of one major.  It does not preclude changing your major at a later date.

Please make sure to declare a major immediately if you have not yet done so.

  • To declare a major, you must complete the major declaration form by logging into SIS and clicking on Forms & Links.
  • To add a major, it is required that you meet with a faculty member in the department of that major, and that person must sign the form. It does not have to be the chair. This is to ensure that you have discussed the feasibility of completing the major with a faculty member.  Your advisor’s signature is also required on the form, as is yours.
  • Note that a faculty signature is not required to drop a major or to add or drop a concentration. The advisor’s signature is also not required; however, it is a good idea to talk to your advisor whenever you make such a decision, which in the case of dropping a major will have a serious impact on your progress toward graduation (since one major is required to graduate).

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