Summer Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition payment is due by the first day of class. A finance charge of 0.5 percent per month (equivalent to a six percent annual rate) is added to all past-due accounts. Use of all St. Olaf facilities including libraries, laboratories, swimming pool, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities is included.

Tuition per term

  • 1.00 credit: $2,545
  • 2.00 credits: $5,090

Partial-credit tuition

  • 0.75 course: $1,910
  • 0.50 course: $1,275
  • 0.25 course: $640
  • IS/IR: $2,545
  • Internship:  $2,545 (1.00 cr),  $1,275 (.50 cr), $640 (.25 cr)
  • Performance Studies (0.25 course): TBA

All students wishing to take performance studies (music lessons) during the summer must have prior approval from the music department. Music majors who are taking lessons to fulfill graduation requirements and who have been certified by the music department pay no additional fee beyond the tuition charge.

Refund Policy

Registration is a contract to pay tuition regardless of attendance.

Refunds are determined by the date of a student’s official drop of a course, at the Registrar’s window.  The refund schedule is effective whether or not a student has attended classes.

Refund schedule is as follows:

Term 1
If course(s) are dropped by end of the day:

  • Up through June 5: 80% refund
  • June 6 – June 16: 40% refund
  • After June 16: no refund
  • No refund for housing

Term 2
If course(s) are dropped by end of the day:

  • Up through July 17: 80% refund
  • July 18 – July 28: 40% refund
  • After July 28: no refund
  • No refund for housing

Room and Board Costs

Changes can be made to board plans for Summer Session 2 through 4pm July 17. After July 17th no refunds will be given.

  • Plan 1: M-F (28 days), 3 meals per day – $505
  • Plan 2: M-F (28 days), 2 meals per day – $400
  • Plan 3: M-Th (23 days), 3 meals per day – $415
  • Plan 4: M-Th (23 days), 2 meals per day – $332

The Residence Life summer housing application form is online and due by May 9th. Housing is on a first-come, first-served basis for summer session students. Housing will be in Mohn Hall.

Cost per term is $388.50 for double or quad occupancy rooms and $504 for single rooms. See the Residence Life website for more information.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance may be available to degree-seeking St. Olaf students during the Summer session(s). Financial assistance during summer is typically in the form of loans only. However, if you are a Federal Pell Grant or Minnesota State Grant recipient, you may qualify for assistance from those programs as well.

In addition to completing your 2014–15 FAFSA and St. Olaf Online Financial Aid Application (returning students only), you should also complete the Summer 2014 Financial Aid Request.

Your summer aid will be based on the enrollment plans you indicate on your Summer 2014 Financial Aid Request. If your enrollment plans change, notify the Financial Aid Office so your aid can be recalculated.