Upcoming Change: Transfer Credit Equivalency

July 31, 2013

Dear St. Olaf Students,

I write to draw your attention to a change in St. Olaf’s academic regulations that will affect you if you plan to complete coursework at another institution and transfer back the credit beginning in the summer of 2014 and going forward from then.

In short, students will not be allowed to bring in any credit (pre-college or transfer credit) from another institution that is worth less than 4.00 semester credits or 5.5 quarter credits.  (Currently, students are allowed to bring in courses worth 3.00 semester credits.)  If you plan to consider taking courses elsewhere next summer, please make sure to look for courses that will meet the new standard for transfer equivalency.

As of the same date, August 1, 2014, this change also will affect the calculation of academic classification (by class year) and the credit scale used to determine eligibility for academic dismissal.

These changes were made to make St. Olaf’s academic regulations internally consistent and to respond to external requirements associated with our accreditation; the new regulations align well with federal and state requirements relative to financial aid.

Relevant catalog sections:

Definition of a St. Olaf Credit:


Transfer Credit Equivalency Table, Revised: