Resolve Advisor Hold

Meeting with your faculty advisor is required for electronic advisor authorization.
Advisor authorization is required for course choice submission process and registration.

Some faculty advisors will prefer to group all advisee meetings during during “Quiet Week.” Others may spread them out through October and early November. Please do not wait until the last minute!

Important Dates


  1. Review graduation requirements (general and general education requirements): (choose your degree: B.A. or B.M.)
  2. Make an appointment with academic (faculty) advisor;
  3. Review your degree audit in the SIS
    • Under Student menu, click on “Courses and Grades”
    • Pull down menu on right
    • Highlight “Degree Audit”
    • Click GO
    • Suggestion: print a copy to take to your meeting with your advisor.
    • Also try out the preliminary audit check form
  4. Plan your course options.
  5. Meet with advisor at scheduled time to discuss registration.
  6. Your faculty advisor electronically authorizes you to register. You and your advisor should double-check that this has been done before you leave his/her office.