Hold of any kind

To:  Students who still have a hold of any kind as of Thursday, March 13, noon.

Please note the following:

  • If your hold is removed after Thursday, March 13, noon, you will be unable to register via the web course choice submission process for fall semester, but once the hold is removed, you may add fall semester 2014-15 courses on the appropriate drop/add day for your class year, April 23-25. See Important Dates below.
  • Important Dates
  • Again, in order for you to register at that time, all of your holds must be removed.
  • We are sorry that you were not able to attend to this task during the month when the advising process was open.  We attempted to contact you about this but received no response.  If you have questions, please contact Mary Cisar, cisar@stolaf.edu.