Late-Afternoon Labs/Athletic, Dance, Music Rehearsals

All students: please consider the following when you register for a course with a lab. Athletics, dance, and music rehearsals and practices begin after 3:00 p.m. Afternoon science labs often extend beyond 3:00 p.m., sometimes creating attendance conflicts for students involved in athletics, dance, and music.

There is no blanket policy that allows students involved in athletics, dance, or music to miss one rehearsal or sports practice per week to attend a lab.

  • Dance has some flexibility depending on the dance project and the faculty involved.
  • Athletics has some flexibility, depending on the sport in question.
  • Music conductors have adopted varying policies, depending on the specific needs of the ensemble.

We ask and strongly encourage students not involved in dance, sports, or music activities (or other late-afternoon obligations) to register for courses with afternoon labs when possible, creating needed space in morning labs for athletes, dancers, musicians, and others with late-afternoon obligations.

This eliminates the need for students to miss any rehearsals or practices, or to have to choose between participating in sports, dance, or music and selecting a course that fulfills a graduation requirement.

Please note that for some students, participation in one of these late-afternoon activities is a degree requirement, not simply an extra-curricular activity.