Parent Address Check and Revision

Important Dates

All students must complete this step by the beginning of the web course submission period.

  • Log into the SIS
  • Under the S.I.S. menu on the left hand side, click on Personal in the student section.


  • Please verify each address type and address
  • Edit or create addresses as needed


  • Please verify that you have entered a phone number where you can be reached in the S.I.S.
  • To verify or add a phone number check the “Best number to reach me” line at the top of the Addresses and Contact information page.


  • Please verify parent names and address type names as they appear in the S.I.S.
    • We are missing many second parent names and would like to have our parent information as accurate as possible for mailings
    • Example: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newhart should be:
      • Robert and Susan Newhart
      • Thomas Smith and Jan Jones
  • Changes to Parent Names and other address type names can be made by contacting the Student Accounts office at x3766, x3296 or e-mail: