Proxy Information for Students Studying Off Campus

If you are not sure if you will be able to register while abroad or would like someone else  to be available to work with your registration, you NEED to assign a registration proxy in SIS.

Instructions :

  1. Log into the S.I.S.
  2. Select Permissions under the student application on the left-hand side menu
  3. In the upper right-hand pull-down select proxies and click on the green GO button
  4. Under Assign Proxies to Students click on the green plus  to the right of registration
  5. Type in a last name and a first initial
  6. Select the name of the student that you wish to proxy for you and click on the name
  7. When you are done, log out of the S.I.S.Once registration is over, you will want to remove your proxy from your registration settings.
If you are a proxy for another student:
  1. You must see your student’s advisor during the advising period and make sure the advisor hold is removed before the deadline to remove all holds.
  2. On your SIS screen, you have a heading: “Proxy.” Under that is the name of the student for whom you are proxying.
  3. If you click on that name starting at the beginning of the web course choice submission period, you will be able to enter your proxy’s registration choices in the same way you do your own.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office should you have any questions.
507 786-3292