Registration Tracking Tool

View example of tracking tool here.

  1. For this tool to be as useful as possible for all students, it is important that everyone try to input at least some schedules early (during the first weekend) during the course choice submission period.
  2. Use the registration tracking tool (updated every half-hour during an open phase) at the bottom of the schedules page to get a sense of how your choices relate to those of all other students who have submitted schedule choices.
    • Use the chart to see the percentage of students who have already submitted their choices.
    • Use the “pick table” to see what your registration would look like if registration results were run now. Each course is followed by a fraction.  The numerator would be your spot in the course if registration were run right now; the denominator is the maximum number of students allowed in the course during web registration.
    • If a course is in high demand, or if it appears that you could easily be bumped from a course if later submitters want the same course and have a more favorable registration number, plan to provide some schedule options that contain other sections of the same course and/or other courses.
    • If the tracking tool tells you that you are successfully projected to be in a high-demand course but your schedule permits you to choose a different course/lab section, please do so, in order to allow other students who may have less flexible schedule options a chance at the course. Someone may do the same for you some day!
    • If you add additional schedules based on the Tracking Tool, do not delete previous schedules! You want to keep as many options available as possible.
  3. Check back periodically while web course choice submission is open, to see if any adjustments need to be made as more students submit schedule choices.

**Even if the tracking tool suggests you might get into a certain set of courses, make sure you keep sufficient alternate schedules in your list of schedules!  Do not delete a schedule unless you know you are not interested in that schedule.**

NOTE THAT THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT REGISTRATION WILL RUN FOR YOU IN EXACTLY THE WAY IT APPEARS ON THE TRACKING TOOL, EVEN IF YOU CHECK IT SHORTLY BEFORE THE END OF WEB COURSE CHOICE SUBMISSION. The tracking tool is based on already-entered data only. Even a few changes at the last minute can change the results. This tool is intended to provide information about a particular point in time, not a guarantee of your result.