The follow are forms commonly used by Residence Life student leaders and student staff. It is encouraged to bookmark this page or the subsequent links:

Community Incident Report

RAs and JCs.  Please use the link below to find our web based CIR.  If you have questions on how to use the form contact your Area Coordinator or email This form may be filled out to report concerning behavior – this may include policy violations.

Program Evaluation

To ensure campus programs are providing the social and educational outcomes desired by the Residence Life Office, we ask that all staff and student leaders fill out a short evaluation after each program. Please complete within 48 hours of the program.

Late Night Programming Fund Request Form

The Residence Life Office promotes the creation of diverse programming all across campus. However, when Residence Life staff and student leaders make special efforts to provide quality programs on Friday and Saturday nights their efforts may be supported by additional funding through the “Late Night Programming Fund Request Form.” Sponsorship of programs are subject to review and availability of funds.

Bon Appetit Pack Out Form

This form must be filled out for pack-outs.  Please plan at least a week in advance.

Wellness Center Event Request Form

Interested in collaborating with a Peer Educator from the Wellness Center on a corridor/floor program? Fill our the event request form at least two weeks in advance to get the ball rolling!

Inclusivity Advocate Event Request Form

Interested in collaborating with an Inclusivity Advocate in your area on a corridor/floor program? Fill our the event request form at least two weeks in advance to get the ball rolling!

Academic Support Center Event Request

Interested in collaborating with the Academic Support Center in bringing a program to your corridor? The ASC currently has two programs ready to present for you on Test Anxiety and Time Management. Email Cheri Coutemash ( to set up a time and date.

Request for Soliciting Donations in the Residence Halls

This form is for St. Olaf groups who would like to put out a box in the lobby of the residence halls to collect supplies for donation (books, shoes, clothes, school supplies etc.) or would like to put a donation jar/box at the front desk to collect money for donation. The form must be approved by the Director of Residence Life before groups may begin.

Leadership Competency Self-Assessment

Students that take advantage of leadership roles (i.e. Hall Council, Resident Assistant, Junior Counselor, etc.) in their residence hall have the opportunity to intentionally strengthen key Leadership Competencies with the guidance of housing professionals. Student staff and student hall leaders will complete the self-assessment in October and April as part of their development throughout the year.

Lead Like A Lion Award Nomination

Recognize your fellow staff! Submit your nomination NOW!

Student Staff Res Life Calendar (Updated as of August 15, 2016)


Full Student Staff Manual

Student staff are provided with a multitude of training opportunities throughout the year. Much of this training comes in the Fall prior to classes. As a supplement to training, Staff are encouraged to utilize the full digital version of the Student Staff Manual for additional resources and insights.

Sect 1 – Mission&Goals

Sect 2 – Student Staff Expectations

Sect 3 – Emergency Procedures (Emergency & Duty Procedure Flow Chart)

Sect 4 – Programming

Sect 5 – Leadership&Group Dynamics

Sect 6 – Policies Procedures

Sect 7 – Hall Council

Sect 8 – SHC Advising Resource

New Staff Recommendation Form

This form should be used as way to recommend potential new staff for RA/JC positions next year.