Room Reservations

To schedule a table in Buntrock Commons:

Contact Nancy Stuckmayer, 507-786-3017, Buntrock 007

 To schedule most rooms and spaces on campus:

All reservations must be submitted electronically through the R25 system.

Need help? Check out this PowerPoint and learn how to use R25.

Sound reinforcement in Boe Chapel

Facilities work order (to move podiums, bring risers, chairs, etc.)

Boe Capacity: 800 using the main floor pews. Add 200 seats with extra chairs set up. Add 150 if balcony is open.

To schedule The Pause:

Online Pause reservation forms (required).

Lion’s Pause Mane Stage , Lair, Den, and Jungle stage, 507-786-2968

Large pizza orders are welcomed – 48 hours in advance! Please click here and submit your order.



Skoglund/Tostrud/outside Judy Stromayer, 507-786-3989

Residence Halls