Getting to/from MSP Airport

BREAK SHUTTLES to the MSP Airport provided by Northfield Lines, Inc. You can also find Northfield Lines, Inc. on Facebook


Northfield Metro Express a daily route service from Northfield to the Twin Cities, three times daily, 365 days a year. Tickets are purchased online only.

The vehicle has wireless internet, fold down tray tables for laptops and a bike rack mounted on the bus for those whose stops may be located farther than walking distance.

  • The Northfield Metro Express, daily route schedule.
  • The Northfield Metro Express route service operates 365 days a year, including all major holidays. One-way advance purchase tickets are only $13.00, which includes one large suitcase and one carry-on.  Additional luggage is only $5.00/bag.   $25.00 One-Way – On-Site Purchase from Driver – This fare is non-refundable.  Commuter bus passes start at $260.00 for a twenty one-way punch pass and $346.00 for unlimited monthly ridership.


EcoTrans 507-664-3859 to Twin Cities, MSP airport, and Rochester.


Official website of the Minneapolis (MSP) Airport: (Lindberg terminal)

Website of the Humphrey (HHH) Terminal:

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