Severe Weather Shelter Locations

Administration Building—lower level hallway—south side
Boe House–Basement–away from windows
Boe Memorial Chapel—lower level hallways
Buntrock Commons—lower level hallways (vending machine area)
Christiansen Hall of Music—lower level hallways
Dittmann Art Center—lower level away from windows
Ellingson Hall–Ground Floor Hallway
Highway #19 Shops—Basement of House-Away from windows
Hilleboe/Kittelsby Halls—lower hallways away from windows
Holland Hall—lower level hallway/second South & West hallways
Honor Houses—Basement Level (away from windows)
Hoyme Hall—storage room
Kildahl Hall—storage room
Larson Hall—storage room & lower inner stairwells
Mellby Hall—storage room & basement level area
Modular Village —lower level of Dittmann Center
Mohn Hall—storage room & lower inner stairwells
Old Main—lower level hallway away from windows
Old Music—1st floor hallway
Physical Plant—2nd Level—west side (Boiler Operator Break room)
Porter Hall—locker rooms
Practice/Sports Fields—nearest athletic building (Skoglund/Tostrud or Porter Hall)
President’s House–Basement
Rand Hall—2nd floor landing in stairwells
Regents Hall–bathrooms and interior stairwells
Rolvaag Library—lower level hallway away from windows
Skifter Hall—basement
Skoglund/Tostrud—locker rooms
Speech-Theater—lower level & Haugen Theatre
Steensland—go to Old Main
Tomson Hall —basement and first floor hallways
Thorson Hall—south stairwell on lower level
Ytterboe Hall—lower conference room & by Room 77