The So/An Major

The best way to learn about the major is to meet with one of the professors in the department.  We can guide interested students through the list of courses and requirements, while also giving you a sense of how you might use the major.  Below are some useful resources for exploring on your own.

If you are new to the major, this general overview of So/An might be helpful.  The department’s SoAn Major Rubric makes it easier for potential majors to see how So/An courses can fit together.  We encourage majors to study off campus.  If you wish to receive major credit for a course you take off campus, please download the Off-Campus Credit Form.

We have a list of intended learning outcomes for the major.  If you would like to consult the precise requirements for the major, see the department’s entry in the St. Olaf Catalog.

What can you do with a So/An major?  Well, past majors have gone on to do a wide range of things.  We have So/An graduates who have gone on to do corporate jobs (if you are interested in that, a concentration in Management Studies makes for a good combination).  We have graduates who have done professional graduate programs, including medical school, law school, and dentistry.  So/An graduates have also pursued graduate degrees in public health, public policy, and many other fields.  It is also common for So/An graduates to work in social service professions (often internationally).  Studying So/An opens you up to the world!