rosehouseLa Casa Hispánica

Rose House is the Spanish House located at 1104 W. 1st Street.

La Casa Hispánica serves as a venue for lectures, films, musical groups and social activities with Hispanic themes and is facilitated by a resident speaker of Spanish.

The resident Spanish speaker for 2015-2016 is María Natalia Fernández Calderón.

“I was born in Pérez Zeledón, a town in the southern part of Costa Rica. I grew up surrounded by nature and agriculture. When I was 17, I moved to San José to study at the University of Costa Rica, where I am majoring in English Literature and Foreign Trade. During this academic year,  2015-2016 , I am studying at St. Olaf College, and after I return to Costa Rica, I will have a year and a half left to graduate from English. My experience at St. Olaf College has allowed me to grow both academically and personally since living in community focuses on interpersonal relationships and the sense of belonging to a strong community.”

-Natalia Fernández Calderón

Faculty Advisor is Kris Cropsey.

Photo by Lindsey Nygaard, Student.