Board of Leaders

The Board of Leaders are responsible for planning and coordinating many SSS activities such as the Ice Cream Social, the Senior Advice Taco Night and First Year events. In addition to these tasks, the Board of Leaders will promote leadership and campus activity within the SSS community. The Board of Leaders will expand and strengthen the relationship between SSS with the broader St. Olaf community establishing a voice that will be very important for our program.

In attaining this goal, the 13 members serve on committees that help SSS collaborate with various offices on campus. There are 3 committees: Special Events/Public Relations Committee, CVC Committee, and Executive Committee. Each committee has specific goals and through collaboration with one another they will ensure the success of the board in reaching its goal.Each committee reports every week with an update at the Board of Leaders weekly meeting on Mondays from 3:15pm-4:15pm in Tomson Hall 300.

All SSS students can come to the Board of Leader meetings. We welcome your ideas and we would love to have you join us. Please contact Trey Williams, SSS Academic Advisor at or a Board member if you would like to learn more about the SSS Board of Leaders.

The 2013-2014 SSS Board of Leaders

Class of 2013
Isabella Martinez, Shiny Vang and Lou Lia Wang

Class of 2015
 Kurt Degillo, Say Khang, Zoe McDaniel, Paoge Moua and Sierra Napoli

Class of 2016
Sebastian Ford, May Khang, Zookong, Lee, Thao Nguyen, and Bonnsy Vue

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Responsibilities of a Board of Leader:

  • Serve as a positive role model for all SSS students
  • Plan and coordinate SSS activities throughout the academic school year such as: Food, Family, and Fun (FFF) events, Cultural Events, Information Sessions, Class Activities, and Alumni Events
  • Attend weekly Board of Leader Meetings
  • Work in the SSS office
  • Attend training during Week One, attend the Board of Leader Retreat (early October) and mandatory SSS events (to be determined by SSS staff) throughout the academic year
  • Serve on one of the three committees and provide a report at the weekly meeting